Our Network

In 2007 Entanet began an ambitious investment programme which resulted in the creation of a resilient national next generation MPLS network. Today this network assures the delivery of high quality voice and data connectivity services that reliably underpin customers' diverse communications needs.

Our multi-million investment programme extended the footprint of our network out to every one of the key 'Aggregation Points' that form BT's 21st Century Network. Doing so placed Entanet in what remains a unique position - it is the only non-BT company to have taken this approach and also to have fully adopted both the Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) and IPStreamConnect (IPSC) products. In addition to being good for broadband resellers, the network's particular strength lies in its ability to support the delivery of standalone leased line solutions and Ethernet based private wide area networks (IP VPNs).

The network uses Cisco-driven Gigabit Ethernet Multi-Service Interconnect Links (MSILs) at all 20 WBC and 10 IPSC nodes, with resilient interconnects from multiple carrier partners at up to 10Gbps capacity. Running from Glasgow and Edinburgh to multiple London locations and beyond to Amsterdam and Frankfurt, the network is monitored and supported 24/7 by Entanet's Network Operations Centre and UK based Technical Support teams.

Entanet's Peering Arrangements

Entanet maintains over 900 peering sessions established throughout Europe, enabling you to connect directly to a quarter of the Internet from Entanet without passing across a transit connection. These include:

  1. LoNAP
  2. LINX
  3. AMS-IX
  4. Nlix
  5. DE-CIX

Entanet's Data Centres

Entanet provides data centre space in both Docklands and London City as well as from three large data floors in its Telford headquarters. Our state of the art data centres provide the optimum server environment, with raised flooring, overhead cable management and air conditioning. All servers are rack-mounted, with 5A, 8A or 10A nominal power per cabinet, UPS power backup and are supported by dual 900kVA diesel generators with automatic 25 second failover to power the whole building in the event of an area-wide power cut. Customers' equipment is protected by rigorous security measures including 24/7 guard patrols, CCTV and multi-point controlled access in the building and the data rooms.

Entanet’s data centre in Slough (Equinix LD5) offers full racks up to 16Amps, with security measures including 24/7 guard patrols, CCTV, alarms, mantraps, turnstiles, photo ID and biometrics. Its power systems have built-in redundancy and full UPS at up to N+1 or higher levels, as well as backup generators in the event of a local area power failure. A range of fire prevention and detection measures are also provided.