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Why ISPs need a 21CN strategy – today

Posted on Dec 04 2008 by Neil Watson | No Comments
The UK’s broadband infrastructure is developing, through BT21CN, to provide next generation services such as ADSL2+ and pressure is increasing on ISPs to put themselves in a suitable position to provide them. Both residential and business customers want speed, resilience ...Read More »

Are we living in “1984”?

Posted on Nov 03 2008 by Neil Watson | 5 Comments
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Categories : Featured, Privacy, Security
Update: (10th August 2009) The Interception of Communications Commissioner’s annual report has sparked fresh calls to control the amount of surveillance currently carried out on UK citizens. Read more in this ISPreview article ISPreview: Fresh Calls to Curb UK State Telecoms and ...Read More »

ISPs vs iPlayer: Round 2

Posted on Oct 14 2008 by Steve Lalonde | 2 Comments
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Categories : File Sharing
As the popularity of bandwidth intensive applications such as iPlayer, YouTube and podcasts increase, have the ISPs that previously benefited so well from their dirt cheap broadband, unlimited broadband and even free laptop offerings punched too much above their weight? [caption ...Read More »

Warning: BT acronym overload!

Posted on Oct 02 2008 by Darren Farnden | 3 Comments
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Categories : 21CN, EWCS, Featured, WBC, WBMC
WBC, WBMC, WBCC, WVC (WVC being previously known as VLA) and of course not forgetting 21CN! A clear case of TMA if ever there was one. No wonder there is confusion throughout the industry and the trade ...Read More »

Are YOU on the list?

Posted on Sep 08 2008 by Neil Watson | 1 Comment
An increasing number of broadband end users are being approached by law firms such as Davenport Lyons under suspicion of illegal file sharing and, if you are a broadband provider, you need to know what’s going on and how this ...Read More »