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Is it the end of the line for leased lines?

Posted on Mar 08 2011 by Stephen Barclay | No Comments
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As the availability of ever faster broadband continues to increase thanks to technology advancement, we ask whether it signals the end of the line for leased line connectivity. [caption id="attachment_85" align="alignleft" width="75" caption="Stephen Barclay, Head of Sales"][/caption] First it was ADSL2+ that ...Read More »

Poll: What would you use the new annex M service for?

Posted on Aug 10 2010 by Gemma Dickinson | No Comments
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We recently launched our new Annex M service which provides users with an increased upload speed by trading some of their download speed. So far we have seen a high level of interest and we would like to know what ...Read More »

Annex M –What’s it all about?

Posted on Jul 22 2010 by Neil Watson | No Comments
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Early next month BT Wholesale is rolling out the latest of its next generation services - Annex M. It will be available on all ADSL2+ broadband connections and Entanet partners will be able to order the new feature from mid ...Read More »

Ofcom flexes its muscles on mis-selling but is it tough enough?

Posted on Oct 20 2009 by Neil Watson | No Comments
The issue of mis-selling in the telecoms industry has been around for several years and for several years regulator Ofcom has been trying to tackle it. Despite regulations for fixed line telecoms providers and a Code of Practice for sales ...Read More »

Is residential broadband recession proof?

Posted on Sep 08 2009 by Neil Watson | 1 Comment
It might come as a surprise to learn that Ofcom, in some of its latest research, reports that residential customers now view broadband as an essential utility for communication. Previously it was thought only business customers had come to rely ...Read More »