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Who we are

When it comes to providing data and voice connectivity services throughout the UK (and sometimes abroad), we’re passionate about delivering straight-forward and positive experiences to our channel partners. We’ve established a reputation for quality and inspire confidence through the excellence of every aspect of our operations; ultimately we aim for you to be 100% satisfied 100% of the time.

What we do

While we sell connectivity, it’s the way that we sell to and support you that’s important to understand. In short, we proactively serve through partnership - making the most of our expertise, our strong influence with carrier relationships and our technically excellent connectivity services to help you serve your customers profitably. We’ll treat you as a unique partner and work hard to make voice and data services easy and stress-free, whether you’re placing and managing new orders, implementing circuits or billing existing connections.

You - our partners - are at the heart of our business. Everything we do has you in mind and every one of our people is responsible for keeping you satisfied. We will be professional and proactive in all of our interactions with you, but we’ll maintain a personal approach as befits a relationship based on partnership. This means that we’ll listen to your needs and satisfy your requirements to the best of our ability to ensure that we build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Not only that, we have everything that you’d expect of a company of our calibre

Our own national MPLS network

Over 900 peering relationships across Europe

A drive to embrace new technology (but only where it’s useful)

A team of connectivity experts who are here to provide whatever help they can

A raft of awards that say how great we are at what we do

A reputation across the industry for being committed to the growth and development of the channel.

Some key facts


the number of talented stars we have (or thereabouts)


nodes on our MPLS network


years since we were born


our latest annual turnover


business models that partners can choose from


the average number of seconds it takes for us to answer the phone

Who we are

Elsa Chen

Chief Executive Officer

Entanet’s number one fan is a firm believer in the power of positivity,​ so she surrounds herself with people full of it. She’s a self-confessed drinking lightweight who can eat for the country, loves the beauty of languages and wishes she could be fluent in more of them including 'geek' and 'martian'.

Stephen Barclay

Sales Director

Stephen came to Entanet in August 2010 and has been instrumental in driving our sales since. More interestingly, Stephen’s great loves are his family, cricket and food. He hates it when people aren’t genuine and if he could choose any superpower it’d be to predict the future.

Ian Brewer

Finance Director

Ian joined Entanet in 2013 and oversees our first class Finance Team to keep a tight ship and weigh up investment opportunities. His young family ensures a very active home life, while his large rambling garden and numerous DIY projects also keep him sharp.

Steve Lalonde

Chief Technical Officer

The original Entanetter, Steve's been with us since the very start. In the office he speaks 'geek' and oversees the strategic direction of our network capability. Outside, he can be found on the business end of a camera or at the tiller of his narrowboat.

Neil Watson

Head of Service

Neil’s been with Entanet since 2006 and runs our technical support and customer services teams. A real foodie, Neil spends his free time testing out new recipes and hunting out the latest craft beers. If he could discover the secret to anything, it’d be teleportation to make his commute easier!

Darren Farnden

Head of Marketing

With a decade at Entanet under his belt, Darren is one of our longest serving team members. At work he’s responsible for our award winning marketing, while socially Britain’s countryside fuels his passion for motorbikes. He’d like to have met Einstein and believes great friends are the key to a happy life.

Paul Heritage-Redpath

Product Manager

Since February 2012 Paul has been managing the full lifecycle of Entanet’s products, from monitoring the performance of our existing offering to developing new services and retiring old ones. He has a cat called Phoebe, is a self-proclaimed movie-buff and loves long walks in the countryside with his partner.

Mike Bywater

Head of Software Development & IT

Mike oversees our growing development teams, making sure that core development projects deliver against Entanet's business goals and improve the service experience for our partners. Outside of the office Mike can be found grappling with Brazilian Jiujitsu, spending time with his young family or keeping himself up-to-date with cutting edge development practices and standards.

Tim Roberts

HR Manager

Joined Entanet in August 2014 to head up Entanet's first dedicated Human Resources function. Tim is responsible for driving forwards our employee processes and development opportunities to ensure we can all give our best. In his spare time family, socialising and sampling Indian food keep Tim busy.

Our Company Values

Customer Centric

Our partners are at the heart of our business - cue Bryan Adams - everything we do, we do it for you. In all seriousness, we exist to help our partners achieve their goals.


We treat others as we would like others to treat us, so care, equality and fairness apply in all our interactions with you and among ourselves.


Nobody strives to be average. Our reputation for greatness has been built by delivering on our promises.


We mean what we say and we say what we mean. We earn your confidence by being honest, open, reliable and responsible for our actions.


Our creativity knows no bounds in making the complex simple. You’ll find our expert advice and enthusiasm for technology contagious.


Together we’ll rule the world! Maybe not, but we will work with you to deliver what your customers need.


One size doesn’t fit all so neither are our connectivity solutions. We’re flexible in our approach and will work with you as an individual, because that’s just what you are.

Our Certifications

Quality is our middle name. We’re so committed to delivering a superior standard of service based on continuous improvement that we maintain a quality management framework which meets the British Standard ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 9001

Our Awards

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