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The quality of service we deliver is vital to our reputation, which is why our network is built on solid foundations that shout integrity, reliability and performance. We use solely Cisco carrier-grade hardware - renowned for being the best - throughout our core network - and multiple 10Gbps links to ensure that your data is delivered as swiftly and securely as possible. It also gives you the peace of mind that we have full network resiliency and failovers that ensure delivery of IP traffic when things go wrong.

To keep our hardware in tip-top shape, we look after it. Since 2014 we’ve committed more than £3 million to upgrade our hardware and increase capacity and we’ll continue to invest to ensure that we can continue to provide the best service possible.

Having our own infrastructure means that we have more control and can be more flexible. We can respond more quickly and have the ability to adapt to forecasted bandwidth growth so that your customers aren’t left frustrated by a sluggish connection. And because we can easily bring your customers’ traffic onto our network, there are cost benefits too.

Entanet Network diagram

Peering relationships

We’ve partnered with over 900 firms across Europe to ensure that you can connect to a quarter of the Internet without passing through a transit connection. Among them we partner with Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Sky, Akamai, Janet, BBC, BT, Virgin, LONAP, LINX.

24/7 monitoring

Our NOC - that’s Network Operations Centre for the non-techies - is manned round-the-clock. Our team keeps an eye on the entirety of our network to make sure that it’s performing as it should and that traffic is flowing freely.

Updates regarding network maintenance are issued by NOC with plenty of notice so that you can keep your customers informed, and if there are any incidents, our NOC team will let you know about that too. Watch our video to see what our partners think about our network.

Choice of data centres

We have data centre space at Interxion in London, Equinix in Slough and at our Telford HQ. All data centres provide the right conditions for a server to call home, including efficient backup power options, rigorous security measures and multiple-point access controls. For those that want the geeky detail, in our Telford HQ DC space, cabinets are available on a custom-built basis and are supported by dual 900kVA diesel generators with automatic 25 second failover to provide power in the event of an area-wide power cut.

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