Our Network

Our network uses Cisco based hardware at each of our 40+ nodes, with resilient carrier-diverse interconnects that provide multiple 10Gbps links across the network and ensure no single points of failure. By using the best Cisco network equipment and custom built in-house management facilities, we ensure swift, secure transport of your business-critical IP traffic. Further quality of service is ensured with 24/7 monitoring and support from our Network Operations Centre and UK based technical Support teams. As part of our ongoing multi-million pound investment programme, Entanet fully adopted both the Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) and IPStream Connect (IPSC) products from BT Wholesale, providing us with greater flexibility and enabling us to deliver high quality connectivity services including broadband and Ethernet across our own national network.

Entanet's Peering Arrangements

Entanet maintains over 900 peering sessions established throughout Europe, enabling you to connect directly to a quarter of the Internet from Entanet without passing across a transit connection. These include:

  1. LoNAP
  2. AMS-IX
  3. Nlix
  4. DE-CIX
  5. LINX
  6. IX Manchester
    IX Manchester

Entanet's Data Centres

Entanet provides data centre space in Interxion (London), Equinix (Slough) and at its Telford headquarters. Our data centres provide raised flooring, overhead cable management and N+1 cooling. Cabinets are available on a custom-built basis to meet varying customer requirements and are rack-mounted, with per cabinet based UPS power backup and are supported by dual 900kVA diesel generators with automatic 25 second failover to provide power in the event of an area-wide power cut. Customers' equipment is protected by rigorous security measures including 24/7 guard patrols, CCTV and multi-point controlled access in the building and the data rooms.