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Entanet extends partner options with new GEA service

6th March 2013

Leading wholesale communications provider, Entanet has announced the addition of GEA (Generic Ethernet Access) to its Ethernet service portfolio, enabling its channel partners to cater for even wider customer requirements.

GEA uses the existing copper infrastructure from the customer’s premises to the cabinet and then fibre from the cabinet to the exchange, the same as FTTC. However, unlike FTTC, the traffic then passes onto an Ethernet network rather than the standard broadband network. This means customers can benefit from an uncontended service that provides complete peace of mind, as it is supported by a comprehensive SLA and back-up options, and provides a nine-business-hour return to service guarantee.

Due to the fact that it utilises an existing infrastructure, GEA also has a standard installation lead time of just 18 working days and significantly reduced installation costs when compared to other Ethernet based solutions. This makes it a viable choice for customers looking for a cost-effective alternative to existing Ethernet solutions such as EFM and leased lines, but with service guarantees.

Entanet’s Head of Sales, Stephen Barclay explains: “By adding GEA to our Ethernet service portfolio we’re arming our channel partners with yet another high-quality and cost-effective solution that they can use to satisfy an increasingly wide range of customer requirements. The GEA service is available in symmetrical speeds of between 2Mbps and 20Mbps and provides customers with a highly reliable and guaranteed Ethernet based service, cost-effectively and with impressively short installation lead times.”

To find out more about Entanet’s new GEA service contact its sales team on 0333 101 8008 or email