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Entanet registers on the Connectivity Scale

16th April 2013

New eBook helps partners understand the relative merits of different services

Entanet has produced an eBook explaining the differences between different types of connectivity options and how to match them to customer requirements.  Entitled The Connectivity Scale – where does broadband end and Ethernet begin?, the document is available as a free download.

The book explains the relative merits of several kinds of connections, from standard copper-based broadband to high-speed Ethernet and everything between. With so many options now available, many resellers need an easy way to understand the differences between them, said Stephen Barclay, Head of Sales at Entanet.

“With so many products on the market now, resellers could easily be forgiven for not being certain which options are suited to different customers and situations. We recently launched our GEA service for example, adding yet another product to the growing list of alternatives. Resellers will need to understand where GEA fits in against the likes of fibre broadband, EFM and leased lines.

“For example, while GEA offers un-contended connectivity with a comprehensive SLA, whilst still remaining cost-effective, so does EFM. Resellers need to understand the differences from a customer perspective and how these services differ from broadband or leased line connections. Our eBook explains all this and gives them a much better chance of matching the right product to the right customer.”

To read more about The Connectivity Scale, please visit the link: The Connectivity Scale eBook