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Entanet sales hit new heights

13 May 2014

Entanet, the leading wholesale connectivity provider, achieved record monthly sales for April 2014, with revenues more than double those seen in the same month of last year. The dramatic increase is the result of continued growth in popularity of its leased line, Ethernet First Mile (EFM), and Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) services, as well as gains in its broadband base.

The company has seen a steady and significant upsurge in sales of Ethernet-based offerings in every month over the past year, with monthly sales of these solutions up by more than 100 percent on a consistent basis. Stephen Barclay, Head of Sales at Entanet, believes the increase in demand is due to three key factors.

First, there is a growing realisation among business customers that if you want dedicated bandwidth and guaranteed 24-hour connectivity, you need to have an un-contended line. With more businesses now entirely reliant on IP-based connectivity for data and voice communications, and hosted services too, Ethernet services are proving their value.

“The second factor is that, with more affordable options now widely available, more customers are considering Ethernet solutions, and that has expanded the available market potential for our channel partners.

“The third element driving our growth is specific to Entanet – and that’s the reputation that our business has been building over many years for delivering reliable and stable connectivity, real flexibility and choice, and excellent levels of service to our partners and their customers. We’re seeing many new channel partners signing up to sell our Ethernet-based services and the feedback we get is about the positive reputation that we have in the market.”

This is all good news for the company’s partners, he points out. “We’re committed to working with our reseller and service provider partners and, as our reputation as a trusted connectivity provider grows, so does the value of being an Entanet partner. It means Entanet partners can be even more confident and feel even more assured that we can help them meet the needs of every customer.”

Barclay also notes that Entanet’s broadband sales remain very healthy. “While broadband has become something of a commodity, having our WBC-based network means Entanet partners can continue to compete very effectively. We’re particularly seeing strong sales of fibre connections, with no discernible impact on sales of standard broadband services. This is a reflection, not only of existing partners winning new customers, but also of new partners bringing their broadband base to Entanet.

Entanet has its own resilient, nationwide MPLS network that extends to every one of the key aggregation points that form BT's 21st Century Network and at which it takes WBC from BT Wholesale, a differentiator that remains unique in the channel. The company’s main data centres and Network Operations Centre are located at its headquarters in Telford. In addition, Entanet has two data centres in London and one in Slough. Running from Glasgow and Edinburgh to multiple London locations and beyond to Amsterdam and Frankfurt, the network is monitored and supported 24/7 by Entanet's UK-based technical support teams.