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Entanet puts the spotlight on the “Don’ts” of selling Ethernet

3rd October 2014

Entanet, the wholesale connectivity provider, is putting the spotlight on the key things partners should not do when selling Ethernet services such dedicated leased, EFM and GEA, in its latest eBook.

The 5 Essential Don’ts of Selling Ethernet document has been produced with the aim of making partners aware of what they should do to sell successfully by highlighting the most common errors made by their peers. Entanet defines these as: selling solely on price; taking a ‘fire and forget’ approach; selling what the customer thinks they want rather than what they actually need; not considering the future needs; and missing out on the up-sell.

Darren Farnden, Head of Marketing at Entanet, explains: “We wanted to help our partners get a better understanding of how they can sell Ethernet services effectively without being prescriptive. By highlighting five of the areas it’s all-too-easy to wrongly concentrate on, we hope to focus resellers’ minds on how they can sell even more effectively. Competition for Ethernet business is strong, so resellers need to make sure they don’t miss a trick and always cover all the right areas when they are talking to customers.”

The eBook is the latest in a series of helpful guides produced by Entanet on selling and marketing techniques and the on comms industry. Entanet’s 5 Essential Don’ts of Selling Ethernet eBook is available for download free of charge from 5 don'ts of selling Ethernet