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Entanet warns that without good connectivity, there’s no life to digital transformation

17 January 2017

In its latest opinion blog, Entanet has pointed to the importance of reliable and fast connectivity as a key driver of digital transformation (DX) and says that unless customers ensure they adopt the right solution, they risk killing their DX strategy.

In the blog, Entanet’s Head of Marketing, Darren Farnden explains that, while everyone is talking about the strategic aspects of DX, the whole concept relies entirely on the availability and consistent reliability of communications technology.

He says, “every business’ digital transformation is driven by the ‘nuts and bolts’ of communication, which includes every form of connectivity imaginable, including business-grade broadband, fixed and wireless Ethernet, IP VPNs, hosted voice, virtualisation and a myriad of cloud-based services.”

Darren goes on to say that the lack of importance attached to connectivity as a key element of Digital Transformation is something that is often complained about by services providers.

He adds, “comms often fails to be recognised as the linchpin of DX. With the move towards hybrid infrastructures and growing use of cloud services, what connects a customer’s DX strategy to the real world is one of the most important decisions they need to get right first time. This is where the channel still has a golden opportunity to add value and ensure that a customer’s DX solution is fit for purpose.

“Connectivity is increasingly seen as a utility but it’s assumptive and complacent to see it that way - organisations looking to transform themselves into super-efficient and responsive, digitally-dependent operations, need to keep that very much at the front and centre of their thinking.”

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