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Our philosophy is that by supporting channel partners to grow their businesses, we’ll grow ours. This means that everything about our business is geared up to provide you with the service, reliability, expertise and creativity you need to make a difference to your customers. We won’t compete with you either - as we don’t have a direct-to-the-consumer arm we’ll even send any enquiries that we receive from consumers your way.

6 reasons to partner with Entanet

#1 We’ll treat you as an individual

Learning about each other is a crucial part of every relationship, so why should it be different in business? We’ll take the time to understand what makes you tick, where you’ve been and where you’re going so that you can do business with us in the way that best suits you. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, so we’ll treat you and your business like the individuals that you are.

#2 Our money goes where it counts

Money makes the world go round, and in the world of connectivity it’s pretty important to deliver a top notch service and help data travel too. So we invest in our people and our systems every year. Staff training ensures that you can experience the best customer service while ongoing investment in our network maintains its reliability. Since 2014 our investment in equipment upgrades and bandwidth increases has been £2.5 million and for this year we’ve dedicated an additional £800,000.

#3 Support right when you need it

True partnership is about providing support when it’s needed. If you need product or system training, we’ll provide it. If you need marketing support, we can create white-labelled materials for you. And if you need one of our connectivity design experts to help you win business, we’ll be there. All of this, on top of any ongoing account management, is provided free of charge because we’re here to help you succeed.

#4 Putting service to you first

For too long connectivity providers have failed to put customer service first but at Entanet we work to right that wrong. We understand that service quality and confidence in a supplier go hand-in-hand so if they’re not working properly, you won’t be happy. So we hold our suppliers to account. Our regular meetings with carriers give them the intelligence they need to actively manage their performance to ensure that the high standards we set on your behalf are maintained.

#5 Enabling you to add value

Our online portals enable you to provide a better service to your customers by giving you complete control, accountability and visibility of your customers’ accounts with us. So when a customer calls with a query, you can give an answer there and then. No putting them on hold while you call us and no embarrassing ‘let me find out and get back to you’ moments.

#6 We hold ourselves to account... you don’t have to. Leading by example is an important part of our business culture, so this means we’re just as critical of ourselves as we are of our suppliers. We constantly aim for better so we continually monitor our own performance and if we find room for improvement, we’ll do the work we need to. Our approach to continuous quality improvement has earned us the British Standard ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification.

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