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What you need to know

Managed hosting enables you to add value to your business customers - you take care of their connectivity needs so why not host and manage their email, website and business critical data too?

Why choose hosting from Entanet

Dedication when it’s needed...

For larger business, or those that don’t want to share server space, we can provide a dedicated server - built to your customer’s specifications - that they can use to host pretty much whatever they like and retain control over every aspect of its administration.

...or management when it’s not

Our managed shared hosting package is available for those smaller scale requirements or when server management needs to be outsourced.

Support as standard

As with all of our connectivity solutions, both dedicated and shared hosting services are monitored by our Network Operations Centre on a 24/7 basis, while our Technical Support teams are at the end of the phone whenever they’re needed.

Online control panel

Access to webmail and the stats and logs you’d expect of any hosting service are provided online via a Control Panel.

Need more detail?

Download our Hosting brochure

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What is managed hosting?
Managed hosting is essentially the leasing of a managed server - on either a dedicated or shared basis depending on customer requirements - housed in one of our secure data centres (Telford, Slough, London City or Docklands). As the service is ‘managed’ we’ll maintain the server and the environment, so you or your customer is only responsible for looking after their data.
How do I update DNS records?
Simply email and the team will submit your request within 24 hours.
Do you provide website backups?
Our servers are backed up every day to ensure that we as up to date as possible for any failure scenario.

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