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What you need to know

IP VPNs are big for business. Bringing together multiple sites - including remote workers - onto a single virtual private network is a big win in terms of data security, business continuity and operational efficiency.

Why you should choose Entanet as your IP VPN supplier

Experts that’ll help you win business

You need access to people that understand the detail of how connectivity works and who can design solutions for the most complex of needs. We’re proud of our team of expert consultants who are at your disposal to help you design, cost and bid for your customers’ projects. We’ll go above and beyond wherever we can and we won’t charge you a fee for our expertise: we’ll even attend client meetings with you and provide extremely detailed network diagrams and technical specifications so that your customers understand exactly what they’re buying and how it will be configured.

Confusion-free clear communications

When there are many people involved in the delivery of a connection, things can get confusing. Which is why we’ll give you a dedicated point of contact who’s responsible for understanding exactly what stage your order is at and what needs to happen next. That person is also responsible for sending you regular updates so that you don’t need to call us to find out what’s going on.

24/7/365 network monitoring at our end and yours

Not only will our NOC (Network Operations Centre) keep an eye on network performance on your behalf, we’ll also give you the tools to monitor things for yourselves. Our online IP VPN management system ‘Mirada’ enables you to run a Diagnostic Virtual Machine which means that the network can be managed, in real-time, from wherever you are. Aside from providing a means for you to add value to your customers as a ‘one stop shop’, it also helps you to diagnose and resolve problems quickly so that you can keep your customers happy if things go wrong.

Choice of carriers and solutions

Our presence in the market ensures that you - and by extension your customers - get the best possible service and rates from industry leading carriers.

The benefits of our IP VPN solutions

Dedicated support to scope, design and sell

Access to Mirada

Dedicated connectivity

100% Service Level Agreement

24/7 UK based monitoring, maintenance and technical service

Robust, secure and flexible communications infrastructure

Resilience from multiple ring topologies

Centralised firewall

Managed Cisco hardware

Fully scalable for future growth

Compatible with all connectivity platforms over mobile, copper and fibre infrastructures


What is an IP VPN?
IP VPN stands for Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network, but it can also be called a Private Wide Area Network (PWAN). It’s a fully bespoke VPN that can connect multiple sites and remote workers, deliver communications across a business efficiently and be a means of ensuring business continuity.

IP VPNs can comprise a number of connectivity technologies from broadband to leased lines and can also incorporate Internet breakout to connect users to the web. Being entirely bespoke, IP VPNs are designed and built to meet the communication, security and cost requirements of the individual business. PWAN diagram
What connectivity can I land in an IP VPN?
You can land most Entanet connectivity into an IP VPN, including ADSL, EFM, GEA, Leased Lines and 3G so the world is your oyster when it comes to designing an IP VPN solution!
Can I use my own firewall rather than an Entanet managed firewall?
Absolutely if this is your preference. We’ll provide you a colocation space within one of our four data centres, based on your requirements and location.
How do I manage my connections?
IP VPN solutions have their own management portal - Mirada - through which you can actively manage every aspect of the solution including device and connection statuses across the network, SmokePing and packet loss statistics, Round Trip Times, Router CPU and memory percentage usage Download/upload utilisation for each connection and a live view of who’s online.

Need more detail?

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