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Why choose Entanet as your IP Transit partner

Connections where it counts

We maintain over 900 peering relationships across the UK and Europe to enable the quickest possible transit of IP data including 2-10Gbps connections into nine major London data centres and key exchanges including LONAP, LINX, AMSIX, NL-ix and DE-CIX Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Sky, Akamai, Janet, BBC, BT and Virgin.

Our money goes where you need it

We monitor our network on a 24/7 basis and are committed to continual investment to ensure capacity and resiliency.

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Download our Colocation & Transit brochure

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What is transit?
Transit is how ISPs connect their networks to larger networks and the wider Internet in order to transport data internationally. There are three tiers of interconnected network that make up the Internet - Tier 1 networks are those that can reach every other network without purchasing IP transit; Tier 2 networks have some peering relationships but still pay to reach a proportion of the Internet; while Tier 3 networks will only have access to the Internet by purchasing IP transit.
Who are your major transit providers?
We’re partnered with Tier 1 providers Century Link, GTT and Vodafone.

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