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One tool to overcome the squeeze on margins is to add as much value to your customers as possible - offering voice connectivity solutions as well as data enables you to become the one-stop-shop that your customer is looking for. Our analogue BT PSTN wholesale line rental (WLR3) services are available to both business and residential customers on a stand-alone basis or as part of a complete communications solution. And because we sell to you on a wholesale basis, the cost is highly competitive.

Why choose Entanet as your wholesale line rental supplier?

Quality lines at wholesale prices

Provide your customers with quality BT based lines at a price that you want. Our wholesale pricing means that you can price-in your own margin and still be competitive.

Monthly revenue generation

In addition to commission on initial installation and setup, you can earn on a monthly basis from line rental costs and call charges.

No long contracts

Provide your customers complete flexibility with a contract term of just 30 days.

Get your customers committed

Providing line rental alongside a full complement of Entanet broadband connectivity services enables you to secure even stronger relationships with your customers.

Wholesale Line Rental at a glance

Same high quality reliable line as if bought from BT

You control the customer relationship

Opportunity to upsell other products such as broadband and VoIP

Recurring monthly commission for the life of the connection

30 day cancellation period with no minimum contract terms

Flexible billing options

White label branding available

Choice of 3 line care options for faults and maintenance

24/7 UK-based technical service team

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What is the difference between a residential line and a business line?
Less than you might imagine, but a difference a day makes in business. A residential line that has a fault reported on, say, a Monday would have it cleared by Wednesday; whereas a business line would be fixed by Tuesday.
What companies am I able to transfer my PSTN line from?
Any provider, so long as the number is on the BT network.

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