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What you need to know

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a way of making and receiving telephone calls over an IP connection. It’s resilient, scalable, incredibly easy to use and extremely affordable. There’s no limit to the number of DDIs or users; moves, adds and changes are affordable and virtually instant; and as users can log into the phone system from anywhere that has power and connectivity, it’s great from a business continuity perspective.

Why choose Entanet as your VoIP supplier?

Options for all needs

Whether you’re looking for a solution for a single user or a larger organisation, we have a service that fits. And with our online portals, submitting orders and managing accounts is a doddle.

We won’t tie your customers into long contracts

We believe in being flexible so ask for a commitment of just 30 days for our VoIP services.

Earning opportunities

You can generate recurring revenues from monthly rental costs and call charges as well as initial commissions from installation and setup charges and hardware sales.

We’ll keep an eye on things

Our Network Operations Centre carefully monitors our network 24/7 to ensure that it’s working at its optimum. You’ll also have access to our Technical Support team if there’s ever a problem.

What do our partners think?

Yellow Arrow Case Study

The VoIP Enrich product is very good. As a company with a technical focus we appreciate the wide range of features that it offers. It’s a very flexible solution – it feels like an enterprise solution and can work for small and large businesses.

Yellow Arrow Technical Services

Features of our business class hosted voice solution

Call queues

Hunt groups

Auto-attendant and time based routing

Call forwarding

Voicemail retrieval via phone, email or online portal

Call recording by extension, call queue or hunt group

Free on-net calls between your sites

Choice of geographic and non-geographic numbers

Flex user accounts up and down with demand

24/7 UK based monitoring, maintenance & technical support

Need more detail?

Download our VoIP brochure

Download our VoIP brochure

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