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What you need to know

Hosted Voice allows telephone calls to be made or received over an Internet connection. It’s resilient, incredibly easy to use and extremely affordable. There’s no limit to the number of DDIs or users, allowing the size of the estate to scale in line with business needs. Moves, adds and changes are affordable and virtually instant. It’s great from a business continuity perspective as it's not tied to a fixed location, and fraud prevention is built in as standard.

Why choose Entanet as your Hosted Voice supplier?

Easy to sell & easy to use

With features that meet the essential needs of business and scalability to cater for single and multi-user enterprises at competitive monthly rates with no setup fee, our Hosted Voice solution sells itself. All ordering and account management is done through our intuitive mobile-friendly partner portal so you can work when you need to and not just during the usual 9-to-5.

Stand out from the crowd

Our solution has been handcrafted by our in-house software development team on foundations provided by FreeSWITCH and OpenSIPS so it provides crucial differentiation in a Broadsoft-dominated market, giving you more than just cost to distinguish you from the pack.

Earning opportunities

Hosted Voice is the ideal cloud platform on which to build a profitable IP telephony business .You can generate recurring revenues from monthly rental costs and call charges as well as margin on hardware sales.

We’ll keep an eye on things

Our Network Operations Centre carefully monitors our network 24/7 to ensure that it’s working at its best. You’ll also have access to our always available Technical Support team if there’s ever a problem.

We won’t tie your customers into long contracts

We believe in being flexible. Our Hosted Voice service comes with 30-day contracts.

Features of our business class hosted voice solution

Queues and hunt groups to direct calls to the right place

Busy Lamp Field to see who is free

Virtual receptionist through auto-attendant and time-based routing

Completely white-labelled


Call forwarding to ensure calls always reach you

Free ‘on net’ calls and competitive ‘off net’ rates

Number porting so that existing numbers can be retained

24/7 UK based monitoring, maintenance & technical service


Why should my customers choose VoIP over traditional telephone services?
There are many reasons why customers choose to implement VoIP. VoIP provides a comprehensive call management service which is scalable as your customers’ communication needs increase or decrease. VoIP also provides many useful features which are easily managed via online portals, such as auto attendants, call queues/hunt groups. The capital outlay is often dramatically less for VoIP than for traditional telephone systems and users also benefit from savings on call costs. What’s more, ISDN is being withdrawn in 2025, making this a great time to educate your customers on these benefits.
What’s the difference between SIP Trunks and Hosted Voice seats?
SIP Trunks provide straightforward gateway access to a network for call termination whereas a Hosted Voice solution is a complete telephony system with extensions, incoming numbers, voicemail etc.
Is there a minimum contract?
The contract term for Hosted Voice (and SIP) is 30 days.
What level of support is available?
All Entanet VoIP services are supported by our 24/7 UK based technical service.
How do I order a Hosted Voice service?
You can place an order easily and quickly via our mobile friendly synergi interface enabling you to work when is best for you and not be restricted to 9 to 5.
How do I manage a customer’s Hosted Voice service?
You can manage every aspect of your solution via our partner portal, synergi, including adding and removing extensions, incoming numbers, call queues and auto attendants, configuring schedules, voicemail and downloading bills and CDR information.
Is any hardware provided with the service?
No. We do not provide any hardware with this solution as standard. However, we offer excellent deals on VoIP handsets such as Yealink to complement our VoIP services. Delivery is available direct to you or your customers and we can even provide pre-configured handsets. You can place orders with your account manager.
How do I (or the customer) configure the devices?
The SIP configuration details that are required to configure a SIP device are available via our partner portal, synergi. This information is sufficient for a customer’s IT department to configure the device.
Can I add or remove extensions and incoming numbers?
Yes. The solution includes 1 x incoming number and 1 x extension as standard but more can be added easily via synergi for an additional cost. Similarly, extensions and incoming numbers can be removed as required easily via synergi.
Can I add auto attendants and call queues/hunt groups?
Yes. The solution includes 1 x single level auto attendant and 2 x call queues/hunt groups as standard but more can be added easily via synergi for an additional cost. Similarly, call queues and auto attendants can be removed as required easily via synergi.
Can I port existing numbers?
Yes. If you already have a working BT service and you wish to convert your existing BT telephone numbers to Entanet’s VoIP service, we can request that your BT number(s) are ported from BT to us. This requires a number porting process to be followed. Your customer completes a number porting request form which can be downloaded from the Knowledge Base in synergi. Please note this is a chargeable service (please refer to synergi for more details). There is no guaranteed lead time on number porting across industry; it has been known to take more than 15 working days to process.

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