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What you need to know

Proactive partners can get ahead of the competition and seize a growing opportunity to offer replacement services for ISDN before it’s withdrawn in 2025. Our Full Fibre VoIP service combines our 500Mbps GPON connectivity with a choice of free SIP channels for those wanting to retain on-site PBX equipment or fully hosted voice seats for a scalable, cost-effective telephony solution.

Why choose Entanet as your Full Fibre VoIP supplier?

Get more for your money

Each Full Fibre VoIP solution includes up to either 30 free SIP channels or 20 free Hosted Voice seats and the 500Mbps GPON bearer provides abundant capacity for calls and data.

Easy to sell, easy to use

Check availability, order and manage your service easily and quickly via our intuitive mobile-friendly partner portal so you can work when you need to and not just during the usual 9-to-5.

Get ahead of the competition

The ISDN withdrawal deadline is only a few years away but you can get ahead of the competition by offering replacement services today, generating immediate revenues and helping your customers ensure they are not caught out.

We’ve got clout with the carrier

We use our own CityFibre footprint for all GPON services and therefore have very close working relationships with our CityFibre provisioning and network colleagues to ensure your service is delivered efficiently. Our Hosted Voice platform is also developed in-house using the FreeSWITCH and OpenSIPS platforms, so we have complete control over our systems at all times.

We give you complete peace of mind

With an improved service level agreement over the standard ISDN one, we provide a 6 hour fix and hosted voice solutions offer inherent disaster recovery peace of mind too.

Full Fibre VoIP at a glance

Huge 500Mbps capacity

Up to 30 free SIP channels or 20 free Hosted Voice seats included

Free calls between sites

Fully scalable - add more seats or trunks as required

6 hour fix guarantee

Delivered via the revolutionary full-fibre CityFibre network

Number porting options so existing numbers can be retained

24/7 UK based monitoring, maintenance & technical service


Is GPON a contended service?
Entanet manages the access technology by splitting and continuing the pure fibre connection to no more than 8 business customer premises. As a result, your available download speed will not fall below 300Mbps. Our pledge to customers is that if we see evidence that their experience is significantly compromised by GPON delivery, we’ll add capacity to fix it.
Is it a full-fibre solution?
Yes, delivered across CityFibre’s full-fibre revolutionary network.
Is it a fully managed solution?
GPON is available wires only, or with managed hardware subject to network availability.
What service level agreements are available?
We provide an improved service level agreement over standard ISDN with a 6 hour fix.
Is any hardware provided with the service?
Yes, if a managed service is ordered a router is provided. For a wires-only service a network termination device is provided.
How do I order a Full Fibre VoIP service?
It’s easy. Order your 500Mbps GPON circuit via the EQT in synergi then order and configure a new Hosted Voice service or SIP Trunk via synergi. Email with the circuit and VoIP references within the same month; we’ll combine the services and you’ll receive your discounted VoIP price.
How long will it take to install the solution?
Installation of the GPON service is typically 45 working days, subject to site survey and cooperation with the process by other agencies such as local councils and landlords. The good news is that as we manage the provisioning process ourselves, your dedicated provisioning agent will be able to keep you and your customer updated on progress as the order makes its way through the process to activation. Activation of your SIP trunks or Hosted Voice solution is immediate, if you choose new telephone numbers. If you are porting your existing numbers, there is no guaranteed lead time across industry.
Can I retain my customers existing IP PBX equipment?
Yes and you can choose the free SIP Trunk option to utilise with the existing equipment.
What’s the difference between SIP Trunks and Hosted Voice seats?
SIP Trunks provide straightforward gateway access to a network for call termination where as a Hosted Voice solution is a complete telephony system with extensions, incoming numbers, voicemail etc.
Can I add or remove hosted voice seats or SIP trunks?
Yes. The solution includes 20 free Hosted Voice seats or 30 free SIP Trunks as standard but you can add more easily via synergi for an additional cost.
Can I add auto attendants and call queues/hunt groups to a Hosted Voice instance?
When you order a hosted voice instance two queues/hunt groups and a single-level auto-attendant are included.
Can I port existing numbers?
Is this service available nationally?
GPON is currently available via our CityFibre full-fibre network in towns and cities across the UK and we are expanding coverage over time. You can check availability via the Ethernet Quoting Tool in our partner portal, synergi.

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