Update: Could new data protection rules mean the end of SMEs

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – the new data protection law that applies to every organisation that handles the data of European citizens – has now entered the two year grace period for businesses to comply. This means that all firms from one-man-bands to multinational corporations are working against the clock to ensure that they’re compliant with the new rules by Friday 25th May 2018. As we discussed in our previous post, failure to adhere to the rules laid out by the GDPR could be extremely costly – with bankruptcy a very real threat.

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The Queen’s Speech – connectivity comes front & centre

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The State Opening of Parliament took place last Wednesday, with the Queen setting out the Government’s legislative programme for the coming year to both the Houses of Parliament and Lords. And while the news cycle has been kept busy with coverage of this most traditional of British events, was anything said to interest us comms industry types?

In essence – yes. The announcement of the Digital Economy Bill was enough for those in the communications industry to sit up and pay attention and its aims are worthy of applause. The desire to provide Internet parity across the nation, protect innocents from the seedier side of the Web and taking steps to increase consumer choice and competition are all commendable inclusions – however – it’s the lack of thinking around the ‘detail’ or the reality of implementation which means that the politicos have gone and shot themselves in the foot. Again.

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Poll: How will you be voting in the Brexit Referendum?

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The Referendum on whether the UK should remain an EU Member State or not is almost upon us (the country will be voting on the 23rd June, just in case you’d missed it) and while we all know that politicians are divided on this issue, we want to know what you think. Let us know by participating in our poll and/or leaving a comment below.   


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Could new data protection rules mean the end of SMEs?

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Data Protection. Whatever your views on it, it’s about to take up a whole lot more of your time, even if you’re a sole trader.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new legislation to come from Brussels which is designed to create consistent data protection laws that apply to every European citizen and which aims to “strengthen consumer protection and enhance trust and confidence in how personal data is used and managed”. This new law replaces 1995’s Data Protection Directive (from which the Data Protection Act was born) and covers how personal data is gathered, stored, shared, processed and used.

The GDPR has been four years in the making and, although it’s not due to be formally published until this summer and then enforced in 2018, it’s already bringing the subject of data protection into the boardroom for the simple reason that a DP breach poses such a massive financial risk that even the largest company could see its operating profit disappear.

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Meet the author – Stephen Barclay

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Stephen Barclay, Sales Director

Stephen Barclay, Sales Director

The next author to introduce himself to our readers is our Sales Director, Stephen Barclay…

How long have you worked at Entanet?
I first came to Entanet in August 2010, so I’m well on my way to six years of service.

What are your key responsibilities within the business and what are your areas of expertise?
As Entanet’s Sales Director I’m responsible for the strategic direction of our sales efforts and ultimately for both customer acquisition and retention. In reality this means that my role is quite diverse – from overseeing sales planning, forecasting and revenue targets to the strategic direction of how we engage with customers. This means making sure that we work in conjunction with our partners, that our sales process is consultative and that we support our partners to achieve their goals. Of course this also means ensuring that we have the appropriate skillset and expertise available within our team, specifically from a technical point of view – so that we can add value to our partners with our creative approach to solutions design.

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