Poll: How will you be voting in the Brexit Referendum?

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The Referendum on whether the UK should remain an EU Member State or not is almost upon us (the country will be voting on the 23rd June, just in case you’d missed it) and while we all know that politicians are divided on this issue, we want to know what you think. Let us know by participating in our poll and/or leaving a comment below.   


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Could new data protection rules mean the end of SMEs?

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Data Protection. Whatever your views on it, it’s about to take up a whole lot more of your time, even if you’re a sole trader.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new legislation to come from Brussels which is designed to create consistent data protection laws that apply to every European citizen and which aims to “strengthen consumer protection and enhance trust and confidence in how personal data is used and managed”. This new law replaces 1995’s Data Protection Directive (from which the Data Protection Act was born) and covers how personal data is gathered, stored, shared, processed and used.

The GDPR has been four years in the making and, although it’s not due to be formally published until this summer and then enforced in 2018, it’s already bringing the subject of data protection into the boardroom for the simple reason that a DP breach poses such a massive financial risk that even the largest company could see its operating profit disappear.

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Meet the author – Stephen Barclay

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Stephen Barclay, Sales Director

Stephen Barclay, Sales Director

The next author to introduce himself to our readers is our Sales Director, Stephen Barclay…

How long have you worked at Entanet?
I first came to Entanet in August 2010, so I’m well on my way to six years of service.

What are your key responsibilities within the business and what are your areas of expertise?
As Entanet’s Sales Director I’m responsible for the strategic direction of our sales efforts and ultimately for both customer acquisition and retention. In reality this means that my role is quite diverse – from overseeing sales planning, forecasting and revenue targets to the strategic direction of how we engage with customers. This means making sure that we work in conjunction with our partners, that our sales process is consultative and that we support our partners to achieve their goals. Of course this also means ensuring that we have the appropriate skillset and expertise available within our team, specifically from a technical point of view – so that we can add value to our partners with our creative approach to solutions design.

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5 truths about the broadband rollout

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An attempt to get the hashtag ‘they don’t get that in the Rhondda’ to trend on Twitter helped to raise the profile of how rural communities are fast becoming the ‘have nots’ in many aspects of modern society. Contributions to the tag varied from takeaway pizza to taxi availability after dark to the lack of fibre optic broadband. While entertaining, the underlying message is serious and one that the communications industry has been debating for years – how to ensure connectivity parity between urban and rural communities.

The Superfast Broadband Programme – announced by Prime Minister David Cameron back in 2010 – aims to level the playing field by bringing fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) connectivity to at least 95% of the UK by the end of the 2017. This spring has seen a flurry of press activity around Phase One completions (i.e. counties achieving their 90% coverage target) demonstrating that BT and BDUK are on target with the rollout, but consumers continue to feel duped and disappointed that the reality doesn’t match up to their expectations. And for this the Government needs to accept some responsibility.

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Navigating your way to a connectivity solution

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Sometimes it’s difficult for customers to know where to start when choosing a connectivity solution. Are they clear about why they need it? Are they a business or domestic customer? How much are they focusing on download speed? What about uploads? Are they worried about sharing bandwidth? Do they expect service to be guaranteed? How much budget is available? Where is their physical geographic location? All of these will have an impact on the solution that you propose, but it’d be great to have an ‘at a glance’ guide to help you navigate your way through this minefield. The good news is that our latest eBook, an update to our popular Guide to Connectivity, provides all of the information that you need about the technologies currently available from Entanet.

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