Celebrating 20 years of Entanet

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This month Entanet celebrates 20 years in business and what a busy 20 years they’ve been! To set the scene, we were started back in 1996 by Taiwanese businessman Jason Tsai. Jason already operated the successful Enta Technologies and saw an opportunity in the provision of Internet services to technology resellers and alike. Entanet was born, delivering Internet connectivity, hosting and colocation services to channel partners. Our timeline below demonstrates just some of the major milestones the company has achieved since then.

We’ve seen many industry changes over the years with new competitors entering the market and old ones folding or being acquired; we’ve adopted a whole host of major regulatory changes and learned of various Government plans and policies to tackle everything from copyright infringement through to surveillance; and of course we’ve been excited to adopt numerous technological developments and advances, bringing new products and services and creating new market opportunities.

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Guest Blog: ISPAs ongoing concerns over the IPB

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Nicholas Lansman, Secretary General, ISPA

Nicholas Lansman, Secretary General, ISPA

The ‘Snooper’s Charter’ in its various iterations has been an ongoing cause for concern for Entanet and the industry as a whole for several years now and, as we move ever closer towards its seemingly inevitable implementation as the Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB), we decided to have a chat with ISPA’s Secretary General, Nicholas Lansman to find out his concerns for industry and what he thinks the committee scrutinising the Bill should be focusing on.

ISPA’s View

Parliament is currently scrutinising the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill, which aims to ‘consolidate existing legislation and ensure the powers in the Bill are fit for the digital age’.

Whilst ISPA welcomes a new Bill to replace the outdated legislation governing this area, there are specific concerns from ISPA, Entanet and industry around the lack of clarity in the Bill, its costs and what exactly will be expected of ISPs.

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Are the ASA and Ofcom ignoring the UK’s smaller ISPs yet again?

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News broke late last week that the ASA’s (Advertising Standards Authority) and Ofcom’s recent joint study into customers’ understanding of advertised broadband pricing has found it is ‘likely to mislead’ customers and in response they plan to impose a number of changes on all ISPs from 30th May 2016.

The suggested changes are as follows:

– Advertise all-inclusive up-front and monthly costs; no more separating out line rental

– Greater prominence for the contract length and any post-discount pricing

– Greater prominence for up-front costs

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Will UK net neutrality be broken by parental controls?

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Most of our readers are well aware of the ongoing debate over the protection of net neutrality and its recent legal protection thanks to the EU. However, it looks like net neutrality could potentially be under threat once again and this time it’s from the UK Government and its plans to protect their existing ‘opt-in’ based parental controls.

The Government already has agreements in place with most of the major ISPs to force Internet users to specifically ‘opt-in’ via their ISP to view sexually explicit or violent material, in an attempt to help protect children from inadvertently seeing unsuitable material online. This means the account holder has to specifically request to turn off any parental control style filters (usually at the point of signup by unchecking a box which is known as an ‘enforced’ option) and all filters will be turned on by default.

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The 7 ‘Must knows’ about your competitors

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You’re aware of what your competitors are up to aren’t you? You know what products they offer and how much they charge? That’s all you need to know, right? Well actually, you may well be missing a trick or two by not evaluating other areas of their business and seeing how you measure up. Benchmarking your business objectives, positioning and marketing against that of your leading competitors could help you gain valuable insights into your own performance and highlight areas of improvement or new opportunities.

Our new eBook ‘7 Things You Must Know About Your Competitors’ explains 7 of the key areas to consider when trying to differentiate yourself.

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