Defining business-grade connectivity

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Paul Diamond, Chief Operating Officer

For too long, the comms industry has followed, perhaps blindly, a product-led sales strategy to satiate the desire of business and residential customers alike wanting immediate access to the latest and greatest technologies that promise easier, quicker and simpler access to data. But the easy sale doesn’t always make for an appropriate solution to the user’s needs, after all there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf-one-size-fits-all solution.

Instead, resellers have an opportunity to set themselves apart from the pack by putting the basic business principle of ‘know your customer’ to work and looking first at the customer’s need rather than a product set with a particular commission level. More specifically, this means determining what a user intends to use their IP connection for, how reliant they’ll be on it, what their available budget is and how much peace of mind is needed in terms of business continuity.

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Why upload isn’t on the up

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At the risk of getting the prize for stating the obvious, we’re all using more data. Consumers are increasingly opting for unlimited packages for their fixed line broadband and competition in the mobile data marketplace continues to develop at a pace. Ofcom, in its annual report, consistently issues data proving that the domain of Homo Informaticus continues to grow year-on-year. To feed this unquenchable thirst the regulator has been working on behalf of the Government to figure out how best to implement the proposed Universal Service Obligation (USO), which will give everyone in Britain the ‘legal right’ to request a broadband connection providing download speeds of around 10Mbps. But for many the issue is that all of the improvements to national broadband coverage – be it the USO or the BDUK rollout of superfast broadband – are focused on download speeds and aren’t looking to improve upload speeds to the same degree.

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What you haven’t been told about BEREC’s net neutrality guidelines

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This time last week we were readying ourselves for BEREC (that’s the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications to you and us) to publish its latest round of guidance on net neutrality. The guidelines that it’s produced aim to help Ofcom (and its European counterparts) enforce the “common rules to safeguard equal and non-discriminatory treatment of traffic in the provision of internet access services and related end-users’ rights” that came into force in November 2015. Following BEREC’s press conference, it didn’t take long for net neutrality advocates to declare the guidelines a victory for civil society. Meanwhile, telecoms companies across Europe and America, who have been campaigning to be able to exploit the Internet’s commercial opportunities to their fullest extent (this doesn’t include Entanet we hasten to add), gave their views on “a missed opportunity” through gritted teeth.

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How to start small with Big Data

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It seems you can’t read anything marketing related these days without encountering at least one mention of ‘Big Data’, the latest ‘it’ thing that helps businesses to build a single view of the customer for better business efficiency and greater sales and marketing success. But the smaller business can often be overwhelmed or put off investing in data analysis – after all, the thought of having to fund massive data warehouses with enough hardware and bandwidth to cater for zetabytes of data and the teams of analysts needed to interpret all of the information produced is enough to give any SME owner palpitations. Sometimes it’s less about the resources needed to make use of Big Data and more about where to begin – with data available in large quantities, how do you know that you’re working with the right data and how do you turn the insight generated into actions that will have a positive impact on the business? The good news is that it’s possible to start small with Big Data, working in an incremental way to slowly build up how you use customer data and insight to develop your customer centric sales and marketing activity that will have a positive effect on your business.

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Help your customers to keep calm & carry on

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Stephen Barclay, Sales Director

Stephen Barclay, Sales Director

The sun might be out at the moment, but with only 20 weeks left of 2016 we’ll very soon find ourselves in the midst of The Great British Winter and the onslaught of bad weather that this usually brings. For the business owner, this can be extremely costly and not just to the bottom line. Lower staff productivity, absenteeism and damage to infrastructure all have a disrupting impact on business continuity.

In fact, the Chartered Management Institute reported that 77% of organisations were adversely affected by the heavy snowfall experienced during the winter of 2012 when 63% of people were unable to go to work because of travel disruption; 46% of people had issues with school closures/childcare; 43% of external meetings and business trips were cancelled; 40% suffered loss of IT and 27% suffered loss of telecoms.

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