Meet the Author – Emma Fisher

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Emma Fisher

Emma Fisher, Sales Support Manager

Emma is our Sales Operations Manager and has recently started to contribute to our blog discussing developments in our popular EQT (Ethernet Quoting Tool) and discussing the importance of customer retention. Here’s your chance to get to know her a little better….

How long have you worked at Entanet?

I have been at Entanet for 3 years and during that time so much has changed and progressed – it’s flown by!

What are your key responsibilities within the business and what are your areas of expertise?

My role as Sales Operations Manager is very varied which means no two days are the same. My responsibilities include ensuring the efficient processing of Ethernet quotes and orders through the team, managing ongoing development work to improve and enhance our popular Ethernet Quoting Tool (EQT), managing the in-life services team which look after all of our existing customers’ needs such as upgrades, renewals and migrations, overseeing the onboarding of all of our new channel partners and analysing sales performance data to identify ways to make our team and our processes more efficient.

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Why women don’t need to be daunted by a job in the IT sector

Posted on Aug 01 2018 | Comments Off on Why women don’t need to be daunted by a job in the IT sector
Hannah Jinks

Hannah Jinks, Customer Services Operative

Entanet’s Customer Services Operative, Hannah Jinks, tells us why she thinks IT doesn’t need to be just a man’s world any more…

It’s common knowledge that more needs to be done to attract more women into the IT sector, as the Harvey Nash / KPMG Chief Information Officer (CIO) Survey 2017 highlights, despite a lot of improvement happening to address a gender pay gap in IT in recent years the number of women in IT leadership roles is still just NINE percent!

It is very easy to think of IT as a male dominated industry. But, just because this has been the case previously doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. I was the only female apprentice in the cohort when I joined Entanet, which at first was a bit daunting, but the most important thing is to gain experience and learn from those around you because there is so much opportunity out there in the sector.

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Guest Blog – Fighting for full fibre

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Vicky Read

Vicky Read, CityFibre

Our colleagues at CityFibre are taking the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) to court over the use of ‘fibre’ in advertising for part-fibre or ‘hybrid’ broadband connections, arguing that this term misleads consumers and will risk millions missing out on the benefits of “full fibre”, just at the point these enhanced networks at set to be built across the country. This action has been sanctioned by the High Court, who have granted permission for CityFibre to take the ASA’s original ruling to judicial review.

Victoria Read, Senior Policy and Public Affairs Manager at CityFibre explains why this legal challenge is so important for the channel and consumers and the potential impact that could be felt if the rules are not changed.

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EQT – Opening up Ethernet opportunities at the click of a button

Posted on Jul 24 2018 | Comments Off on EQT – Opening up Ethernet opportunities at the click of a button
Emma Fisher

Emma Fisher, Sales Support Manager

To win new business in the UK’s fast moving connectivity market it’s crucial resellers have quick and easy access to information on the price and availability of cutting edge Ethernet products.

Working together with our partners Entanet has developed a comprehensive Ethernet Quoting Tool (EQT) to do just that and a number of recent exciting enhancements have been added to put even more power in the hands of the reseller:

1. API

A key development has been the creation of an API where our partners can integrate their own quoting systems with our EQT making the whole process of quoting and provisioning our services for the customer even more seamless.

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How can you THRIVE with our new partner programme?

Posted on Jun 28 2018 | Comments Off on How can you THRIVE with our new partner programme?

We’ve just launched a brand new partner programme that will provide our channel partners with the support and resources they need to THRIVE in the competitive communications market.

With no minimum targets or thresholds to achieve the programme is designed to provide superior support to ALL partners and is built upon three key principles:

  • Ensuring partners have everything they would usually expect from an award winning provider like Entanet to confidently market, sell, provision, install and support their connectivity services.
  • Tailored support to match partners varying business models with everything from white label marketing resources through to pre-sales bid support.
  • Direct access to the infrastructure provider that is fundamentally changing the UK’s connectivity landscape, CityFibre. As part of the CityFibre Group, Entanet is best placed to aid partners on their full-fibre journeys.
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3 key reasons to buy CityFibre Ethernet

Posted on Jun 28 2018 | Comments Off on 3 key reasons to buy CityFibre Ethernet

As British businesses continue to drive an ever increasing demand for digital services the need for ultra-fast, reliable connectivity has never been so important.

Entanet’s CityFibre Ethernet services represent a fantastic opportunity for resellers to tap into this buoyant and profitable market and we’ve highlighted 3 key reasons why…

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Poll: Are you already promoting ISDN replacement services ahead of the 2025 withdrawal?

Posted on Jun 19 2018 | Comments Off on Poll: Are you already promoting ISDN replacement services ahead of the 2025 withdrawal?

As we discussed in our recent article ‘Time is ticking for ISDN – Are you ready?’ all ISDN (and PSTN) services will be completely withdrawn by 2025, generating a great opportunity for resellers to encourage their customers to seek alternative solutions in advance of this deadline. To help our partners get ahead of the competition we have launched a new ISDN replacement solution, which provides customers with a 500Mbps GPON connection and a choice of either 30 free SIP channels (if your customer wants to retain any existing PBX equipment) or 20 free hosted voice seats.

You can find out more here: ISDN Replacement

That’s why we’ve added a new poll – we’d like to know about your current activities around ISDN replacement opportunities. Are you already proactively discussing this with your customers? Are you already receiving enquiries? Or do you think it’s too soon? Let us know your thoughts and experiences by voting in our poll.


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5 signs you need Hosted Voice

Posted on May 30 2018 | Comments Off on 5 signs you need Hosted Voice

Now really is the perfect time to resell our all new Hosted Voice solutions and here’s 5 reasons why your customers will want them.

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GDPR: Are ‘legitimate interests’ a carte blanche to carry on regardless?

Posted on May 25 2018 | Comments Off on GDPR: Are ‘legitimate interests’ a carte blanche to carry on regardless?

As the new GDPR legislation rolls into action today, many marketeers are now looking to ‘legitimate interests’ to justify their comms activity – but whilst this clause offers the most flexibility to use people’s personal data for marketing purposes it cannot always be assumed it is an appropriate way to justify your communications.

The law states that legitimate interests can be ‘your own interests or the interests of third parties and can include commercial interests, individual interests or broader societal benefits’. However the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) says that if you choose to rely on legitimate interests, you take on extra responsibility for ensuring people’s rights and interests are fully considered and protected. The ICO also states that for direct marketing purposes, the right to object is absolute and you must stop with the communications if someone requests it.

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Where does the latest High Court judgement leave the IPA?

Posted on May 02 2018 | Comments Off on Where does the latest High Court judgement leave the IPA?

With the recent High Court ruling that a key pillar of the government’s Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) – often referred to as the ‘Snooper’s Charter’ – is unlawful and must be amended within six months, we ask what lies ahead now for this controversial piece of legislation?

The judgement says that Part 4 of the IPA, which outlines the need for ISPs to retain their customers communications data including email activity, phone use and Internet browsing history, was incompatible with EU law. This is something that regular readers of our blog will know we’ve been saying for some time!

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