Investment in value – keeping ahead of service delivery

Posted on May 25 2017 | Make a comment

This year we’ve celebrated our 21st year of business – there have been a number of milestones that we’ve achieved over this time, but perhaps one of the most significant was back in 2007 when we took the brave decision to roll out our own national network with complete UK coverage. Many of our peers couldn’t understand our decision, but as a progressive and forward thinking business we felt that the long term returns would outweigh the short-term expense and operational pain. Fortunately, we were right – we certainly wouldn’t still be here if we’d made the wrong decision.

Over the last ten years we’ve seen more and more of our market peers follow in our footsteps and build out their own national networks to a certain degree; validating the decision that we took all of those years ago. While they’ve been doing this, we’ve worked on maturing our network, focusing on building in additional capacity and upgrading hardware to stay ahead of increasing bandwidth demands. This work has meant that we’ve been able to deliver a consistently top-notch service to all of the business and residential customers introduced to us by our partners. We’ve also continued to look ahead, working on advancements that will add value to our partners for the next 5 – 10 years.

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New broadband advertising proposals – clearer or even more confusing?

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CAP (Committees of Advertising Practice) has opened a public consultation seeking views on 4 new proposals to strengthen the current broadband speed advertising guidelines. We’re pleased to see CAP take this approach but we still have some concerns over their practicality and potential impact.

The consultation will last for 10 weeks, closing on 13th July 2017 and the options they propose (whilst also stating they are open to suggestions) are to base all broadband speed claims on:

  • Peak-time median download speed
  • 24-hour national median download speed
  • Range of peak-time download speeds available to the 20th to 80th percentile of users
  • Range of 24-hour national download speeds available to the 20th to 80th percentile of users

They also encourage the provider to direct consumers towards more specific broadband speed estimators to receive a more accurate idea of the speed actually achievable on their line.

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What are you looking for most in a new VoIP solution?

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Hosted voice provides healthy margins, alternative revenue streams and flexible disaster recovery options to the channel which is why this market continues to grow and prosper. But, we would like to know what you and your customers require most from a hosted voice solution – is it simply down to price and margins or is the underlying infrastructure and reliability of the service of higher priority? How important are white label options, easy ordering and simple billing to your business and your customers? Or does it all come down to the variety of features available?

Let us know what you value most by participating in our latest poll located to the right of this post.


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Digital Economy Bill 2017 Update

Posted on May 03 2017 | Make a comment

Last week the Digital Economy Bill 2016-7 was passed by both Houses of Parliament and now receives Royal Assent which means it will be law imminently. The new legislation brings with it a number of important new implications for the industry (with some last minute changes to be aware of) so we’ve provided a summary of the key points below:

30Mbps USO scrapped in favour of 10Mbps

The 10Mbps USO for broadband has been on the cards for quite some time and its approval comes as no surprise to us. However, quite recently a proposal was passed by the House of Lords to increase this to 30Mbps by the existing 2020 deadline which seemed completely implausible to us. This has since been scrapped and the original 10Mbps confirmed; however a further clause to increase the USO has now been included. The Government will now be able to raise the USO’s minimum speed, once 75% of households have been upgraded to ‘superfast broadband’ services.

A full consultation is now expected to be held to iron out the details of the USO implementation, funding and requirements on industry.

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Position your business for success with DX

Posted on Apr 27 2017 | Make a comment

In our modern society data is king. According to global tech firm IBM, we’re creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day, from every single interaction that we have with technology. To put it into context, this means that every time a web page is viewed, a smart fridge is opened, a sensor detects rain or a multitude of other ‘everyday’ activities is performed, data is created. This exponential growth in the industry of data means that it’s worth a small fortune, which is great news for the channel – all of that data needs to be stored and get from A to B after all.

Now consider this value in the context of digital transformation (DX), where businesses are moving to virtual platforms, embracing the Internet of Things and employing the best of technology in order to ‘stay in the game’. As it’s now commonly accepted that digitalisation is ‘table stakes’ for business success, opportunities will exist here for some time. Research agency IDC recently predicted that the global annual spend on DX projects will increase from $1.2 trillion this year (that’s a smidge over £930 billion at today’s exchange rate) to $2 trillion by 2020. That’s a lot of technology being adopted that’ll require connectivity to make the best of it.

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