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ShareYour ISP’s technical support – what’s important to you?

We’ve added a new poll asking what you feel is important about your ISP’s technical support.

We’re interested to hear your input so please feel free to cast your vote irrespective of which ISP you use.

You can find the poll on the right of the screen and you can choose up to two answers.

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12 Responses to “Your ISP’s technical support – what’s important to you?”

  1. Was a tough one, as I wanted a mix of highly trained staff, UK call centre along with non-premium phone number!

    As a more technical user I only phone my ISP if there is a fault, not because I need help setting up my email or router. Highly trained staff which aren’t just script drones are important to me.

  2. If you really want to know what’s important I suggest you have a look on the ADSL24 forums and the Entanet specific forums on Thinkbroadband. The weekend responses to the Centrals to IPSC migration should tell you everything you need to know.

  3. Hi there, welcome to the site.

    Please see the following noc.enta.net post for further information regarding IPSC: http://noc.enta.net/?p=381

  4. Hi Chris, already seen that. The issue is that there has been no further feedback on the noc or through the forums about this since the 14th. If you look on them there is ALOT of unhappy posts from Friday onwards. The MOST inportant things from technical support is feedback, honesty and transparancy. Even if Enta had posted something like “sorry we know there are problems this weekend, we are working on it….” but no nothing at all. The Enta posts updating (your) customers on the think Thinkbroadband forum were conspicuous by their absence. A lot of bad feeling and frustration (and MAC requests) could have easily been avoided with a little bit of old fashioned customer care! Keeping your heads down is the wrong way.

  5. I like toaster , am unhappy at the commuication.
    Firstly whey were all customers not emailed to say what was happening?
    Why was the change made so close to the weekend?
    Why has noc not been updated?
    Why have you not emailed evryone to say what you are doing to fix the issues?
    When do we get our refunds for the poor service over the last few days?
    Where were Technical Support to solve these issues?
    Personally I think you need a new commuications manager!

  6. Whats important to me is to actually get some support,which you give the prime example of poor support.As dgk sayes why were we not emailed to tell us about the new system.Why have we not been given information how the current problems are going to be sorted.Obviously you need to ask the question so as to be able to sort out your own support system

  7. Hi everyone.

    Thank you for your feedback. For network updates and information please refer to the noc site at noc.enta.net. We’ve recently updated that site here regarding factors affecting ADSL performance: http://noc.enta.net/?p=384

  8. Chris,

    whilst the reply is welcome, I really think NOC needs more attention – Perhaps we as customers can be kept more informed by more regular updates – is it not possible to provide updates via NOC say twice a day. Explanations about what you are doing would help.
    This would only enhance the service to sustomers and would take little time.

  9. It should yourselves informing me of the situation when major changes are happening.I should not be expected to go, Oh i wonder what ENTA are gong to do today.It is just common courtesy to inform your customers of any plans you have that are going to affect us. Before implementation, so the fiasco that happened at the weekend we would have at least had prior knowledge of the changes that were going to happen and not have to find out later.

  10. Hi, noc.enta.net actually has the ability to sign up for email updates. If you sign up all posts and comments will come to you automatically. In addition to this you can also track activity via RSS feed if you prefer.

  11. Yes but issues need to made on the noc in good time. It’s no good posting on the noc 3 days after everyone’s been having problems. In this case we should have had feedback on the Saturday at the latest. Even the resellers couldn’t get info out of Entanet and they were being bombarded with complaints.

  12. After reading the comments from others, I’d just like to suggest that, while I can see why you did it, the removal of the IPSC status information has really made it difficult to know what is happening.

    Normally, if the graphs show my node being congested, I have an explanation for the poor performance even if I don’t like it much. But now, when things break, there is no obvious check to make and everyone is in the dark.

    We all understand that this is a new system, and that Entanet need to tune it once they understand how capacity has distributed itself across the nodes, and that you probably can’t afford 6 Centrals and 10 fully enabled nodes all at once. However, it would have been better if the statements on the NOC explained more clearly what the timescale for moving people is (although we know about Centrals 1-4 being shut down on Monday now) and after this how long it will be before you have assessed the needed bandwidth and requested additional capacity.

    People are quite accepting when the information is good, and were when the major players at Entanet posted regularly on ThinkBroadband’s forums, but now that there is less explanation it is leading to much unhappiness.

    I imagine many of us want to stick with Entanet, and would like to remove the BT-controlled part of our connections completely, but it’s hard to commit to something when you don’t know how it is going to be managed in the future and you rely on it for work in particular.

    So, please, better and more explanatory updates on the NOC please, assuming that the TBB forums are now out of bounds to your staff.

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