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In our latest IPv6 article, we discussed recent comments made by Vint Cerf, known to many as one of the ‘fathers of the Internet’, that the UK will run out of IPv4 addresses well before the end of 2011. We would like to know what you think about the UK’s apparent reluctance to adopt IPv6. Therefore, we have added a new poll to gain your feedback about IPv6 up-take. As well as taking part in our poll, you can also provide further feedback by emailing IPv6@enta.net, or alternatively leave a comment below.

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6 Responses to “Poll: Have you adopted IPv6 yet?”

  1. I would love to adopt IPv6 at home – its enabled and can communicate locally on all my home equipment.

    Unfortunately, as seems to be the norm still, my home user DSL router does not support IPv6 – and I don’t want to sacrifice my Wireless LAN by switching to my older Cisco 1721 router which would support it seamlessly.

    IPv6 is stuck in the age-old catch-22 situation where providers don’t supply services (from websites and net based services to connectivity) until end users require it and have equipment to support it; meanwhile end users won’t invest in new equipment to support a technology they don’t need and won’t currently give them anything extra they don’t have already.

    Doubtless adoption will be forced upon us one way or another, but there is going to be pain along the way for content providers, service providers and consumers alike.

  2. There is an exploit in the IPv6 protocol that allows tracking the traffic in VPN tunnels. This is one thing that makes some avoiding ipv6 right now.

  3. Have been running IPv6 (tunnelled) for the last two years. The last 6 months have been solid.

    Until this month, when IPv6-in-IPv4 inexplicably disappeared during peak times. Near 100% packet loss.

    I posted some stats and graphs here:

    So my IPv6 connectivity disappears Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm (or sometimes 8pm).

    Is Entanet dropping protocol 41?

    There’s at least one Enta user I’ve spoken to who *doesn’t* see this issue on his IPv6 tunnel. Are some customers on more aggressively shaped connections?

    It’s great that you’re promoting IPv6, but your network should support it.

  4. Hi gnomeza,

    Thank you for your comment. I understand from the thinkbroadband.com forum that one of our partners is already providing assistance on this issue. However if you need any further help or would like us to investigate this for you please email IPv6@enta.net.

  5. Again it is down to the hardware vendors to get their act together.
    I took out some time last week to try to get our own office IPv6, and spoke to all the vendors for our own dsl routers, modems and firewalls and not one (apart from the cisco kit) was ready until Q42011 so what chance is there for domestic customers to even think about it?

  6. as a (very) late addendum to this, In May/June I purchased a Cisco 1721 and the various cards to go in it so that I could use native IPv6 to my servers. I’m just having the trouble with finding a stable config for the PPPoA setup.

    As a friend has commented to me, that is why the Cisco kids earn so much, but that isn’t helpful when you are a FLOSS (ie non-commercial – non-profit) developer with no cash to employ someone for the tast!

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