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In a recent article published by Thinkbroadband.com, they state that Judge Birss, has raised questions over the reliability of the DEA using IP addresses to identify copyright owners. The judge, who is well known for the case against ACS:Law and MediaCAT, declared that using IP addresses would only identify a wireless home broadband router and questioned whether leaving a wireless network unsecured, equated to authorising it to be used for file sharing.

We think the demise of ACS:Law shows that judgements based on IP addresses are unreliable and open to abuse. Should this therefore force the government to rethink the DEA, which could potentially open the UK up to more ACS:Law type activities in the future.

We would like to know what you think about Judge Birss’ concerns. Therefore, we have added a new poll asking for your feedback. Please also feel free to leave us a comment below.

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One Response to “Poll: Should the demise of ACS:Law affect the DEA?”

  1. It is about time that someone decided to take a more in depth look at what has been going on and a pat on the back to Judge Birss. The current way that rights holders through their agents run their fishing expeditions to try to pinpoint someone via their IP and then work as if you MUST have committed the act as thats your IP is madness.

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