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Increasingly we’re seeing more and more resellers moving into the Ethernet market. Leased line and EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) deals are delivering greater margin and higher revenue. But surely selling such a high value solution means much more work, right? Wrong! So what is the big deal with selling Ethernet and why is it appearing on more resellers’ radar?

Ethernet - Is it a piece of cake?

Ethernet - Is it a piece of cake?

Those that have been part of the channel long enough will know that leased lines have been around for a long time, around 40 years in fact. For years they were hugely expensive and out of reach of many businesses, who had little choice but opt for lesser solutions to meet their connectivity needs. However as time has progressed, so have technological advancements and market forces, making Ethernet connectivity much more accessible and affordable.

You may be interested to know that selling Ethernet brings with it longer term customer tie-ins which, in turn, equals greater stability of income. Not only that, Ethernet opens up other opportunities for additional business. For instance, Ethernet circuits form the central components of IP Virtual Private Networks, perfect for customers needing to create secure connections between multiple sites and remote workers. Given there’s always a reason for the technology adoption, Ethernet is usually a catalyst for related IP based services such as Internet telephony, virtualisation and hosted application delivery. It regularly creates demand for supporting, or backup, services such as additional broadband lines and PSTN line rental.

Importantly, leased lines and EFM give you the opportunity to offer flexibility to your customers. Some will need a solution that accommodates not only today’s requirements but also future growth, without requiring complete re-investment. As their solution provider, you’re able to meet their bandwidth requirement today on a circuit that’s ready to meet demand down the road. For example, many customers start off at only 10Mbps on a circuit capable of delivering 100Mbps, easily increasing it in increments months later.

So how do you sell Ethernet successfully?
Selling Ethernet really is a piece of cake, as long as you understand what your customers are aiming to achieve and you’re knowledgeable enough and equipped to show them how. Remember that customers buy technology for one or several reason(s). Faster, dedicated, resilient and fully supported connectivity can, quite simply, mean creating peace of mind among stakeholders, commercial advantage in competitive markets, better interaction among teams, quicker decision making and an environment that staff enjoy. The features of leased lines and EFM can help to deliver all of these and more.

Selling Ethernet is a learning curve and in Entanet’s case it’s something we help our partners with directly through training, account management assistance, pre-sales guidance and provisioning and technical support. Knowing that you’re supported by an experienced and trusted supplier gives you the peace of mind to sell Ethernet’s confidently.

Become an Entanet partner before the 27th March and you can learn more by joining in on our Ethernet and EFM webinar at 10:00am. Join us.

If you can’t make the webinar and want to know how you can benefit from selling Entanet’s Ethernet solutions, simply provide your details and we’ll get in touch. Alternatively, call us on 0333 101 0808, email us at marketing@enta.net or visit our Leased Line page.

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