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There’s no denying that cloud computing is a profitable and rapidly growing market and one that is covered on almost a daily basis by the industry press. Entanet recently partnered with Outsourcery, a leading cloud computing provider, to ensure their high quality hosted services are backed up with reliable connectivity that’s fit for purpose, providing their channel of resellers with a complete business solution for customers adopting this popular new approach.

Claire Mitchell, Outsourcery

Claire Mitchell, Outsourcery

Yet, while we continue to see growth in this market, there are still many business customers that appear to be holding back from the obvious benefits that cloud computing can provide. In this guest blog from Claire Mitchell, Product Manager for Connectivity at Outsourcery, she describes why she thinks this is the case and how it can be overcome to encourage end user business customers to take the plunge into hosted services.

Is a lack of time a reasonable excuse?
Over the past few years there has been a sharp rise in the number of businesses adopting some aspect of cloud computing. Most businesses have initially adopted one or two cloud solutions and grown from there once they have gained confidence in their decision to adopt a cloud approach to their business. Our experience shows that once businesses learn more about the cloud solutions that are available to them and the benefits they bring, they are eager to adopt more. This brings with it profitable opportunities for our channel partners.

At Outsourcery companies usually approach our partners with one specific service in mind but are not always aware of the additional options open to businesses that have adopted or want to adopt a cloud approach.

In today’s competitive business climate we are pushed to ensure our sales streams are generating more revenue for the business. Time is tight and we become so engrossed in our day to day tasks we often forget to think and take the time to embrace the new and evolving technologies and most importantly, evaluate how these could effectively help our businesses. Is that because of our growing time constraints? Can we really afford not to make the time and effort to research new areas that may benefit our business?

We’ve seen examples of businesses putting up with slow and inconsistent connectivity as they believe it will take too much time and too much effort to look into the costs of changing, the options available, investigate the best suppliers etc. In some instances we have become too comfortable in the decisions we have already made and can be frightened by the thought of change and the disruption it may cause.

Yet in every business, sooner or later (usually sooner) the time will come when they realise that they need to increase their capacity or their speed or improve efficiency and reduce costs. At this point the tasks they have been putting off for so long are inevitable and the search for a better solution will ensue.

It’s at this time that the highly publicised benefits of cloud computing are likely to hit their radar and this brings valuable opportunities to our channel partners. In our homes we are becoming more and more used to using hosted services such as iCloud and gmail, most of the time without even realising it. Therefore, it’s an obvious and natural transition to move towards a cloud based model in our businesses too and more and more businesses are realising the benefits of adopting cloud computing.

However, when using a hosted service the business user has an obvious reliance on their connectivity. Without a reliable, secure and fit for purpose connection the cloud solution will fail to meet their expectations. That is why we chose to partner with Entanet, enabling our channel of resellers to provide complete business class solutions.

If your customers are holding back from the cloud maybe it’s time to ask them a few thought provoking questions. Do they have objectives to increase efficiency and productivity and save money? Are they spending more than they need to on maintaining their existing infrastructure? Are they aware of the benefits of moving to a cloud based solution?

Entanet’s View
We are delighted to partner with Outsourcery and support their high quality cloud computing solutions with our reliable and secure connectivity solutions. The growing hosted services market certainly provides an attractive opportunity to channel resellers and it’s interesting to see that despite the high growth rates there are still a number of businesses hesitant to take the plunge, as there inevitably is with any new technology. Our channel partners can find out more about the importance of the underlying connectivity solution when implementing hosted services and the opportunities this could bring by reading our previous articles on this subject in the related articles section below.

Have your say!
Have you made the move into hosted services, either for your own business use or through reselling them on to your customers? What have been your experiences? Is this a market you are interested in entering? Whatever your experiences why not share them with us by leaving us a comment below.

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