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As a reseller I’m sure you’re aware fibre broadband is presently a piping hot topic within the industry. You’re bound to have heard quite a bit about ‘FTTC’ (Fibre To The Cabinet) whether it be via your competitor’s adverts and promotions, ongoing Openreach announcements concerning availability or through the general industry news… The fact is, even if you’re not aware of fibre broadband, your customers are and the chances are they’re already considering upgrading to it. If you’re not offering it, then you can bet your competitors are.

Stephen Barclay, Head of Sales

Stephen Barclay, Head of Sales

So what is fibre broadband and FTTC?
FTTC is a form of ‘superfast broadband’ that delivers broadband connectivity by using a fibre based connection up to the street cabinet and then a standard copper connection to the customer’s premises. By using fibre, the connection is able to support much faster speeds than standard copper based connections and provides a more reliable service.

Fibre broadband diagram

So, what’s all the fuss about fibre broadband?
Recent research conducted by the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) deduced that 63% of Britain’s SME’s are dissatisfied with their current broadband service, complaining of unreliable or slow connections. 60% of those unhappy with their broadband service explained this was due to an inadequate download speed.

John Wright,-the FSB National Chairman explains: “These figures show that the broadband service provided to small firms is letting them down”. He goes on to say: “Small businesses need fast and reliable broadband to ensure the UK remains a key player in the global economy.”

Today, superfast Internet connectivity is not a luxury but a necessity for many businesses, which supports their day-to-day operations. The emergence of new technologies and increasing popularity of bandwidth hungry hosted applications such as SaaS and VoIP have led to a significant change in usage habits for many users, both business and residential. This means they now demand more from their connectivity and fibre broadband can help to meet these expectations.

Through our conversations with partners we are seeing a huge demand for fibre broadband from end user customers, many of which are proactively contacting their existing suppliers and asking to upgrade to FTTC if it’s available. This demand is likely to increase as FTTC becomes available to more and more customers. The service is expected to cover 66% of the UK population by the end of 2014.

Have your say!
As a reseller, are your customers already demanding fibre broadband? Are you increasing your revenue by catering for this demand? Alternatively, are you seeing a lack of demand for these services or is availability an issue? Let us know your experiences by leaving us a comment below.

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