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Paul Heritage-Redpath, Product Manager

Her Majesty the Queen opened a new Parliament this morning. Entanet was eagerly watching to see if there was still any life in the controversial Communications Data Bill (often dubbed in the Press as the ‘snoopers’ charter’.) Although direct reference to the bill was absent from the Queen’s speech, she did state the following in relation to the problem of matching ‘internet protocol addresses’:

“In relation to the problem of matching internet protocol addresses, my government will bring forward proposals to enable the protection of the public and the investigation of crime in cyberspace.”

So what does this mean exactly?

Well, your guess is as good as ours! Whilst the absence of any reference to the Bill would suggest its demise, it’s clear the Home Office still has its teeth into it and isn’t letting go.
We eagerly wait to see if the Home Office ideas are as irrational as they were before.

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