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SharePoll: Should the final 5% broadband coverage be funded by an ISP tax?

As discussed in our recent article ‘Who will foot the bill for the final 5%?’ we discuss the reported suggestion of an ISP tax to cover the estimated £500 million that will be needed to bring superfast broadband services to the final, hard to reach, 5% of the UK.

What do you think about a potential ISP tax? Do you think it’s necessary and fair in order to reach the final 5%? Or do you think alternative funding methods should be used? Do you think the cost will simply be passed on to consumers through increased prices? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below and taking part in our new poll (on the right of the page).



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One Response to “Poll: Should the final 5% broadband coverage be funded by an ISP tax?”

  1. I operate in a town with a population of some 3,500 homes less than 3miles south of the Bristol Suspension Bridge. We are officially part of that 5% since there are no plans to extend FTTC here even though only half the town is apparently able to get Super-Fast from Virgin Cable. (The other half was built after the cables were laid!) In addition the copper network is severely over-subscribed and performing at less than 3Mbps. My own connection has a SNR Margin of just 2dB.

    1) Everyone is already paying a £6/year levy on their landline standing charge.
    2) OpenReach declared that the first 80% was achieved under budget.
    3) Broadband Providers are fighting over themselves to offer cheap/free introductory rates.

    I think the industry has yet to provide the service it has already been paid to provide and is demonstrating it has enough revenue.

    My vote is No – Those in authority should ensure the ISPs provide what they’ve already been paid to provide!

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