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Claire Williams, Provisioning Manager

Claire Williams, Provisioning Manager

If you’re selling Ethernet services to your business customers, ask yourself this question: How do I know I’m using the right Ethernet carrier for them?

What’s important here? Do you get involved in that decision about which carrier to go with, or do you have absolute confidence that your wholesale provider is making the right decision for your (and your customer’s) best interest? Is the carrier chosen purely on price or is more taken into account? Do you think all Ethernet carriers are basically the same?

We think it’s important that our partners realise Ethernet carriers are far from the same and their levels of service quality can vary. It’s not a good idea to judge them based solely on price, after all will your customer be happy with a cheaper solution if it takes two months longer to install, or if the provisioning process is full of problems and unexpected costs?

How does a reseller evaluate a carrier’s performance?
The simple answer to that is, you shouldn’t need to. The even shorter answer is – ask us (if you’re a partner of ours). Your wholesale provider should already be proactively doing just that and advising you accordingly. Are they? If you’re typical of many communications resellers or solution providers, even if you’re placing several Ethernet orders each month you don’t really get enough opportunity to adequately assess the merits of each carrier. However as your wholesale provider will be placing hundreds of orders every month, they’ll have a greater insight.

At Entanet we certainly do! We do this regularly. Our provisioning team works closely with each of the major Ethernet carriers and proactively (and continuously) assesses their efficiency, quality and overall performance. This information is used by the sales team to advise partners of our best performing suppliers so that we (and they to their customers) can make informed recommendations. It is also fed back to the carriers and used by them to improve their service levels to us. If a carrier persistently falls below our minimal service quality levels we will even place a sales order block on them until they can guarantee an improved level of service.

Our eBook “Choosing an Ethernet Carrier – 5 important factors to consider” provides useful advice on this subject and explains in detail Entanet’s process.


So, maybe it’s time you asked your wholesale supplier which carriers they favour and why. How do they assess performance to guarantee high service levels for their resellers? Whilst cost is obviously important and your chosen carrier must be competitive, it’s important to consider the bigger picture and ensure your customer isn’t left dissatisfied with the service they receive.

Have your say!
Have you had good or bad experiences using various carriers? Do you think they are all the same and price is the only real factor? Do you do your own performance evaluations? Share your experiences and opinion by leaving us a comment below.

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