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Matt Mills, Head of IT

CRMs – they’re just for large organisations aren’t they? Surely they’re only useful for the sales team? What’s wrong with just using spreadsheets to record your customer contacts and progress? Don’t they just enable management to spy on you and criticise your productivity? The answer- is no!

There’s a lot more to CRMs and when implemented properly they can bring a huge number of benefits to the entire business, regardless of its shape and size, and help your sales team immensely. In addition to the usual discussions about improved efficiency, visibility and productivity – our latest eBook describes 6 reasons why we think you should consider implementing a CRM in your business. 


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Are you already benefitting from a comprehensive CRM system? Have you experienced significant improvements in efficiency and visibility? Do you disagree and think a CRM is not necessary for your business? Leave us a comment below to share your experiences.

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