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The aim of Entanet’s Opinion site is to provoke discussion on the latest hot topics affecting the communications industry and provide a valuable insight into how we think and how we tackle the issues that affect our Partners and their end user customers.

As a regular visitor you will find yourself delving into the minds of several well known Entanet personalities and will learn of Entanet’s stance on the industry’s most topical issues.

Our aim is to provide you with the facts regarding each issue and then inform you of our opinion. If the issues we discuss affect you, why not let us know your thoughts by commenting on the articles that you feel are important and voting in one of our polls

For journalists

If you are a journalist interested in any of the topics discussed here please feel free to use our articles in your own print and online publications. To discuss any of our articles in more detail or find out Entanet’s opinion on any new topics contact Entanet’s marketing team by completing the short form below.

Everything in moderation

We actively encourage our readers to interact on this site through polls, comments and suggest a topic features. But as an anti spam measure we do require you to register before you are able to submit a comment. Upon completion of your registration and submission of your first comment our moderators will check you are not a nasty spammer and will approve your comment. From then on all comments will be instantly added but to protect our readers we reserve the right to remove any comments that we feel are offensive.