Warning: BT acronym overload!

Posted on Oct 02 2008 by Darren Farnden | 3 Comments
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WBC, WBMC, WBCC, WVC (WVC being previously known as VLA) and of course not forgetting 21CN! A clear case of TMA if ever there was one. No wonder there is confusion throughout the industry and the trade press over BT’s terminology when they insist on using this many acronyms to describe their next generation platforms and services. Do you know your WBC from your WVC and, more importantly, how they are relevant to you and your customers?

Darren Farnden, Marketing Manager

Darren Farnden, Marketing Manager

If not, don’t panic! Read on for our survivors guide to BT’s 21CN terminology. If you think there’s anything we haven’t covered then let us know using the comments feature and we’ll do our best to update this guide.

21CN (21st Century Network)

21CN is the project name given to the roll out of BT’s next generation network. 21CN is a huge overhaul of the entire BT network infrastructure, updating it in order to support new services such as ADSL2+ which could potentially provide broadband speeds of up to 24Mbps, FTTP and FTTC (which are explained later in this article). 21CN will move all voice and data services to an IP based platform. It is a huge undertaking and is due to be completed by 2012, although ADSL2+ services are available in selected areas now.

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