Will rural customers be left out in the cold again?

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Just when we thought things were looking up for rural customers suffering from low speeds and poor service with the Government’s 10Mbps USO plans, it looks like a spanner has been thrown into the works by Sky Broadband’s new advertising approach.

It was recently reported by ISPReview.co.uk that Sky Broadband has changed their Internet access packages and will no longer sell broadband (of any type) to customers unable to support a Minimum Access Line Speed (MALS) of 2Mbps.

Why? Well, this news follows recent changes to the providers’ advertising approach where they now promote average speeds as opposed to the more prevalent ‘up to’ speed approach used by the majority of the industry (including Sky previously).

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How can the Investigatory Powers Act ever co-exist with the EU?

Posted on Jan 26 2017 | Make a comment

Since its conception the IPA (Investigatory Powers Act) has been at best “controversial”. It was introduced to replace the expiring DRIPA (Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act), which in turn was hastily introduced to replace the original RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act), which was deemed invalid by the European Court of Justice back in 2014. With each iteration of this legislation under its various guises, one thing remains consistent – the emphasis on data collection and storage by ISPs for access by Government agencies, which is why it seems impossible for this legislation to ever co-exist with the EU, who clearly have opposing objectives when it comes to protecting the privacy and data of its citizens.

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Getting in on the action – opportunities in the SME market

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Unless you’re an analyst by trade or nature, wading through market research to pinpoint opportunities can be at best time-consuming and at worst, difficult. So wouldn’t it be great if someone did all the reading for you and produced a guide to the opportunities that they’d identified on your behalf, leaving you time to do your actual day-job?

Look no further, for that is exactly what we’ve done. Our latest ebook – Connectivity opportunity in the SME marketplace – is a guide to the opportunities we’ve identified by analysing the latest stats to be published by Ofcom in their SME Consumer Experience Report 2016, which was published earlier this month.

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Is copyright infringement still a problem?

Posted on Jan 19 2017 | Make a comment

Four of the UK’s largest ISPs will commence the sending of ‘educational notices’ to customers suspected of unlawful copyright infringement within the next few weeks as part of the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme (VCAP), but is unlawful copyright infringement still a major problem in the UK? Is this latest scheme necessary? And will it effectively solve the issue?

This all stems back to the days of the highly controversial DEA (Digital Economy Act) from 2010 which proposed a ‘3 strikes’ plan to send threatening letters to identified infringers and even disconnect persistent offenders. Instead this much ‘friendlier’ approach aims to educate users about lawful alternatives. It’s also important to note that this scheme is voluntary and only encompasses the largest 4 UK ISPs at present – BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Sky Broadband.

However since the initial controversy of the DEA and its transition into the current VCAP scheme the market has changed quite significantly, which leads us to wonder if copyright infringement is really that big a problem now, or if the increasing popularity of so-called lawful alternative services like Netflix and Spotify have inadvertently reduced the problem without Government and industry intervention?

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Without connectivity DX is dead

Posted on Jan 17 2017 | Make a comment

Although the concept of digital transformation (aka digitisation, digitalisation or DX for short) has been around since as early as 2010, it’s really taken off in the last year, with Google searches for the term reaching a peak in November. It’s more than just a buzzword though; looking beyond the hype you can see the trend of businesses of all sizes “investing in new technology and business models with a specific focus on customer experience”. With this focus on providing the best possible customer experience (who, let’s be honest, vote with their feet) it’s obvious that businesses of all sizes must embrace DX in order to remain competitive. The good news is that, as a communications reseller, you’re in a great position to capitalise on the opportunities that businesses going through their DX journey bring because, quite simply, without connectivity DX is dead.

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