Fibre broadband – What’s in a name?

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Last week, the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) announced it’s ‘scoping a review’ into the use of the term ‘fibre’ to describe broadband services.

It said: “The UK Government’s recently published Digital Strategy made clear its commitment to invest in full-fibre broadband infrastructure, which is likely to make those services available to significantly more people, and also made clear its view that the term ‘fibre’ should only be used to describe full-fibre broadband services.  A recent debate in Parliament saw those MPs who participated also expressing their concerns about the use of the term ‘fibre’ to describe part-fibre broadband services.

In response to that context and those concerns, we are now scoping a review of how we interpret the Advertising Codes when judging the use of the term ‘fibre’ to describe broadband services. In particular, we will be considering whether the use of that term is likely to cause people to be materially misled. Our work has already begun and we will provide an update with more information by the summer.”

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5 signs you need a PWAN

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Lee Hill

Lee Hill, Pre-Sales Technical Manager

Choosing the right connectivity solution for your customer is crucial. Here are 5 signs that a private wide area network (PWAN) is what’s required.

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Corporate Social Responsibility: Is it worthwhile for businesses?

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), also known as ‘Social Impact’, isn’t just throwing a few quid to a charity each Christmas or sponsoring the Sales Manager’s half marathon, it’s much more than that and if implemented correctly, can have a truly positive effect on your business from improving staff motivation and productivity, through to reducing costs, improving public perception, reducing risk and increasing sales. Perhaps that’s why 64% of CEOs increased investment in Corporate Social Responsibility in 2016.

Our updated eBook explains how implementing a CSR strategy could make a positive difference to your business and the key considerations you need in place to ensure it works effectively.

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Whilst we’re on the subject of CSR and charitable activities – 25 members of the Entanet team are undertaking the Tough Mudder Challenge this May to raise more than £6,000 for Sands (Stillborn And Neo-natal Death Charity). If you’d like to support #teamenta please donate via our JustGiving page and use #teamenta in the comments section. Thanks for your support, we – and Sands – appreciate every penny!

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You think the IPA is bad – it could be worse, you could be in the USA!

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For two western countries that are relatively similar in many ways, it appears the UK and the USA could not have more opposing views when it comes to the protection of data and privacy. Whilst the UK Government continues to fend off ongoing legal challenges and criticism of its controversial IPA (Investigatory Powers Act) or Snoopers’ Charter as it’s widely nicknamed, the USA is about to make it perfectly legal for ISPs to sell off their customers’ personal information and web activity history to the highest bidders for commercial use.

As you know from our previous articles on the subject, the IPA requires UK ISPs to retain vast amounts of customer data including your online activity and enables the security agencies and police to access this data as and when they require, regardless of whether or not you are suspected of a crime. The latest challenge to this Act has come from the European Court of Justice who argued the new law contravenes existing European laws on privacy and data retention. See our article “How can the Investigatory Powers Act ever co-exist with the EU?” for more information.

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Why conversation is the key to successful PWANs

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Paul North

Paul North, Sales Manager

In the move to a transactional business model the art of the sales conversation is dying. It’s not surprising – why spend hours on a deal that’ll provide slim margins at best, when it could be placed within minutes using an online portal? But online isn’t always best. There are occasions – such as when you’re working on a complex PWAN solutions – that interacting with a real live human being is the route to the best possible solution for your customer, better margins for you and an improved relationship with your wholesale supplier.

Our latest free to download ebook ‘Why conversation is the key to successful PWANs’ details how the art of conversation, consultative selling and working in partnership with both your customer and your wholesale supplier will yield big returns for your business.

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