Hosted Voice – Don’t be just another ‘me-too’ Broadsoft provider

Posted on Mar 14 2018 | Comments Off on Hosted Voice – Don’t be just another ‘me-too’ Broadsoft provider

Are you interested in reselling Hosted Voice/VoIP but unsure which type of service to provide to your customers? Or are you already reselling VoIP but struggling to differentiate yourself in the crowded Broadsoft based SME market?

As demand for hosted voice increases and more and more providers are offering the service its becoming increasingly harder for resellers to stand out from the crowd and take real advantage of this growing market – after all you might as well just opt for a Broadsoft based solution and compete on price right?

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Control – The real network differentiator

Posted on Mar 06 2018 | Comments Off on Control – The real network differentiator
Lee Hill

Lee Hill, Pre-Sales Technical Manager

What kind of network does your provider have and how is it different to everyone else? Do they own the physical infrastructure or do they operate an essentially ‘virtual’ network based on rental and access agreements? Do you know? Do you care? Have you ever asked the question? Does it even matter as long as it’s reliable?

Does it matter?
In reality, as long as the provider’s network is fit for purpose and providing you with a reliable and high quality service, you may not have even considered the infrastructure that’s actually used, or care for that matter. But, it is an important factor in your choice of provider as the type of network they operate will impact on how much control they actually have over that network, which could of course considerably affect the level of service delivered. Consider, what happens when there is a major outage? Or how the network will expand for the future? Is that their decision or someone else’s?

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Poll: Are you interested in joining the Gigabit Voucher Scheme?

Posted on Feb 07 2018 | Comments Off on Poll: Are you interested in joining the Gigabit Voucher Scheme?

Our latest poll asks if you are interested in participating in the new Gigabit Voucher Scheme which could give you up to £3000 in vouchers from the DCMS to use towards the installation of a new gigabit-capable solution for your SME customers in key strategic locations which allign with CityFibre’s revolutionary full-fibre network. It couldn’t be easier!

You can find out more by reading our recent opinion article “How can YOU benefit from the new Gigabit Voucher Scheme?“.

Cast your vote in our new reader poll and/or to find out more contact us at or call 0330 100 0330.

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5 top digital transformation developments to look out for in 2018

Posted on Jan 31 2018 | Comments Off on 5 top digital transformation developments to look out for in 2018

2018 promises to be a year of digital transformation revolution – with high speed and reliable connectivity right at its heart!

With all this in mind, we’ve identified five main factors that we think will drive this development throughout the year ahead!

  1. The right connectivity

As markets become increasingly competitive it’s never been more important to get the right connectivity to stay ahead of the game.

A business’ connectivity must meet their immediate needs as well as offering the flexibility to accommodate future change. It’s about balancing the need for connection speed and guarantee of service with budget available and timescales needed to get up and running.

That’s where the combined strength of Entanet and CityFibre can provide the level of connectivity choice and quality of service that is helping organisations across the country to get ahead.

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What’s key to a successful PWAN implementation

Posted on Jan 23 2018 | Comments Off on What’s key to a successful PWAN implementation
Ryan Berrisford

Ryan Berrisford, Customer Relationship Manager

A Private Wide Area Network (PWAN), which can also be known as an IP VPN, represents a hugely profitable opportunity for our channel partners by delivering the customer a complete connectivity solution with the option of additional profitable value added services such as VoIP, Firewalls and hosting. However, implementing such a potentially complex and business critical solution can be daunting for partners, which is why we are on hand to help and why we have created this useful best practice guide explaining how to successfully implement a PWAN and even providing key questions and factors to consider at each stage.

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Retention – it’s a balancing act!

Posted on Jan 09 2018 | Comments Off on Retention – it’s a balancing act!
Emma Fisher

Emma Fisher, Sales Support Manager

Customer retention is a key part of any business, it is important to take care of existing customers as well as new business. How much time do you have to focus on retaining customers? At Entanet customer retention is one of our most important activities.

It can be a difficult balancing act. On one hand, you don’t want to lose contracts that are coming to an end and you’re keen to proactively remind your customers of renewal opportunities. On the other hand, you’re wary of reminding them in case they start to look elsewhere in the market. Right?

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2017: The year in review

Posted on Dec 21 2017 | Comments Off on 2017: The year in review

What a packed year 2017 has been for Entanet and for the sector as a whole. From the exciting news of us joining forces with CityFibre and creating a new breed of wholesaler, to an array of legislative developments including ongoing changes to the Investigatory Powers Act and Digital Economy Act and of course the continuing debates on related issues such as online encryption and how ISPs broadband speeds should be advertised – with much more to play out in all of these areas in 2018!

As ever we’ve tried to keep you at the heart of all the key issues through our opinion blog, so if you fancy a festive recap or perhaps an opportunity to catch up on some of the bits you may have missed over a mince pie, then download our ‘2017- A year of Opinion in review’ eBook for free.

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Do the proposed IPA changes go far enough?

Posted on Dec 13 2017 | Comments Off on Do the proposed IPA changes go far enough?

The Government has launched a consultation on fresh changes to the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) – nicknamed the Snoopers’ Charter – following the ruling late last year by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) that much of the legislation is unlawful.

As regular readers of our blog will know, Entanet has repeatedly voiced concerns about the IPA and in particular its obvious inability to coexist with further legislation such as GDPR and the new Data Protection Bill. How can the Government insist on ISPs collating masses of data on one hand, yet give users improved rights such as the ‘right to be forgotten’ on the other? Not to mention the issues of privacy invasion and data security.

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How can YOU benefit from the new Gigabit Voucher Scheme?

Posted on Dec 06 2017 | Comments Off on How can YOU benefit from the new Gigabit Voucher Scheme?

By providing Gigabit-capable connectivity to your SME customers with free installation via the new voucher scheme from the Government, that’s how!

Last month we announced our full support of the Government’s new £2 million Gigabit Voucher Scheme which aims to accelerate the roll out of Gigabit-capable full-fibre services to business customers by making the switch to full-fibre more affordable for SMEs, whilst also generating a massive opportunity for our channel partners.

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Meet the Author – Lee Hill

Posted on Dec 05 2017 | Comments Off on Meet the Author – Lee Hill
Lee Hill

Lee Hill, Pre-Sales Technical Manager

Lee heads up our Pre-sales Technical Support team and has recently started contributing to our Opinion blog, providing advice and guidance on how to make the most of highly profitable PWAN/IP VPN opportunities, so we thought it was time to get to know him better…

How long have you worked at Entanet?

It will be 4 years in January.

What are your key responsibilities within the business and what are your areas of expertise?

My role is to manage the Pre-Sales Technical Support team, who support the main sales team by designing and costing our most complex solutions to help our channel partners to sell bespoke services such as complex IP VPNs. We also work directly with our channel partners, where required, to attend customer meetings, develop presentations and generally help them to bid for and win these types of business.

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