Are We Balanced? Is Balanced Better?

Posted on Apr 04 2019 | Blog, CSR
Gemma Wooden
Project Manager

There are few industries that struggle to break the perception of a ‘male only’ career more than the IT sector…so, how big is the gender equality gap? What can we do to be a more balanced industry? Why is balance better?

On March 8th people around the world celebrated International Women’s Day, an event that’s been around for more than a century and which provides the opportunity to reflect on the importance of gender equality in all areas of life.

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Putting Gigabit connectivity in the reach of SMEs

Posted on Mar 28 2019 | Blog, CityFibre, Ethernet, Fibre, Full fibre

There is little doubt that the growth and prosperity of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK has been stifled for some time by slow and unreliable connectivity.

Our economy is increasingly being driven by digital innovation, yet many SMEs see Ethernet and other business boosting full fibre solutions as too costly an option to consider.

The national picture painted by Ofcom also makes stark reading – its latest figures highlight that only 6% of the country can currently access full fibre technology, meaning these solutions are often seen by SMEs as beyond their reach too!

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Investing in quality customer service to drive the UK’s full fibre future

Posted on Feb 28 2019 | Blog, Customer Service, Fibre, Full fibre, Support

Rachel Shropshire

Rachel Shropshire, Service Manager

Our ambitious investment programme to help deliver a truly digital Britain that’s fit for modern business isn’t just about putting physical fibre infrastructure in the ground. It’s also making sure the innovative products and services our future proof network offers to channel partners and their customers is underpinned by the highest levels of customer service.

The recent announcement of the first £1.12bn rollout of our £2.5bn investment plan, identifying 37 towns and cities where we already have critical fibre spine assets primed for full city expansion to deliver the UK’s most advanced and intelligent full fibre network, is certainly turning heads and grabbing the headlines. However we understand that to fully deliver on our partners’ needs, we also need to continue evolving the way we work to make the experience of dealing with us as simple and as efficient as possible.

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Full fibre – the channel’s greatest opportunity in a generation

Posted on Feb 05 2019 | Blog, CityFibre, Fibre

The race to ‘fibre-up’ the UK is leading to a shift in thinking by channel partners who are keen to grasp the most significant opportunity for the UK comms industry in a generation.

Embracing a new business model that no longer involves waiting for full fibre to come to where you sell but instead looks to target sales where fibre already exists is a golden opportunity to seize first-mover advantage and claim the lion’s share of new opportunities in a ready market.

Entanet, a CityFibre company, is taking the lead in enabling its channel partners to unlock these lucrative opportunities in all of its Gigabit cities across the UK. Backed by an ambitious investment programme to deliver the UK’s most advanced and intelligent full fibre network. We recently announced the first £1.12bn of a £2.5bn investment plan, identifying 37 towns and cities where we already have critical fibre spine assets primed for full city expansion.

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Bringing our compelling full fibre message to you

Posted on Feb 01 2019 | Blog, CityFibre, Fibre, Full fibre, Sales

Our ‘Shaping Britain’s Full Fibre Future’ roadshows have proved a fantastic opportunity to speak to lots of success-hungry channel partners across the UK in recent months about our exciting full fibre message…and more importantly the difference it can make to them and their customers if they look to drive sales where full fibre already exists rather than waiting for it to come to the markets they traditionally sell in.

We’ve already engaged with over 100 representatives from our existing and potential channel partners since kicking off our roadshows in May and what is clear is that there is a real appetite to seize first-mover advantage in the lucrative full fibre markets within our Gigabit cities.

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2018: The year in review

Posted on Dec 19 2018 | Blog, CityFibre, CSR, Fibre, Full fibre, PWAN, Regulation, VoIP

Elsa Chen, CEO

Elsa Chen, CEO

As 2018 draws to a close, we reflect on what has been an exciting year for Entanet and take a look back at the highlights that we’ve put into the spotlight.

Some of the key topics we’ve covered throughout the year include our compelling full fibre message which we’ve taken on the road through our ‘Shaping Britain’s Full Fibre Future’ roadshows and the launch of our exciting THRIVE! partner programme.

We’ve also had our finger on the legal pulse as we scrutinised the impact on the channel of the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) and of course…GDPR! We would like to say a massive thank you for keeping up with our opinion blog throughout 2018. We hope you enjoy your Christmas break and look forward to your continued comments and feedback in 2019!

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Entanet expands into new premises to support ambitious growth

Posted on Dec 18 2018 | News
Elsa Chen, CEO
Elsa Chen, CEO

The latest chapter in an exciting year for Entanet has been marked by a move to new offices at Partnership House in Telford – a three-storey business premises that can accommodate up to 320 people.

This will now be the new premises for the the leading wholesale connectivity provider, which has an ambitious investment programme for 2019. Entanet, which is part of CityFibre, employs over 140 people and will be aiming to deliver an even stronger value proposition to more partners, based on the UK’s most advanced and intelligent full fibre network. CityFibre recently announced an ambitious £2.5bn infrastructure investment plan to provide full fibre services to five million premises, a third of the government’s target, by 2025.

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Cultivating a culture of continuous improvement to drive Britain’s full fibre future

Posted on Dec 10 2018 | Blog, Business, Customer Service, Full fibre, Support

The UK’s connectivity market is seeing exciting times as the country fibres up to meet the needs of modern commerce. Leading the charge in this digital revolution are those service providers that adopt a forward thinking and innovative approach to their business.

Our channel partners have an incredible opportunity to make the government’s ambitious target of connecting 15 million premises to full fibre by 2025 a reality, and significantly grow their own business in the process.

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Entanet awarded ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Standard

Posted on Dec 05 2018 | News
Paul Heritage-Redpath, Head of Products
Paul Heritage-Redpath, Head of Products

Entanet, the wholesale full fibre connectivity provider, has succeeded in obtaining its certification to the International Organisation for Standardisation’s ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Standard.

ISO 27001 is the international standard for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system. Certification to ISO 27001:2013 gives confidence to Entanet’s suppliers and partners that the risk to information security is being managed.

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Entanet gains IIP accreditation at the first time of asking

Posted on Nov 28 2018 | News
Tim Roberts
Tim Roberts, HR Manager

Entanet’s long-standing commitment to best practice people management and development has been underlined by achieving Investors in People accreditation at Silver Standard.

The award-winning wholesale provider of full fibre communications services achieved the internationally recognised accreditation, which supports the continuous improvement of people management and development, at the first time of being assessed.

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