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ISPs vs iPlayer: Round 2

Posted on Oct 14 2008 by Steve Lalonde | 2 Comments
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As the popularity of bandwidth intensive applications such as iPlayer, YouTube and podcasts increase, have the ISPs that previously benefited so well from their dirt cheap broadband, unlimited broadband and even free laptop offerings punched too much above their weight?

Steve Lalonde, Chief Technical Officer

Steve Lalonde, Chief Technical Officer

In the red corner…The ISPs!

For a long time now large, end user focused ISPs have invaded the market with extremely price-competitive offers that have undoubtedly brought down the average cost of broadband. A significant benefit to the end user you may argue and we agree. No-one denies this was a successful customer growth strategy but is it a sustainable business model?

Apparently not! As the likes of PlusNet complain that their average cost per user has tripled since the launch of the iPlayer and other leading ISPs approach the BBC for funding to off-set their increase in costs, Entanet asks what’s all the fuss about?

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