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Broadband – the continuing digital divide

Posted on Sep 01 2008 by Darren Farnden | Comments Off on Broadband – the continuing digital divide
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While broadband is almost ubiquitous in urban areas of the UK and Europe, there is a real danger that rural areas will not have the opportunity to benefit from the same levels of service and that European economies could suffer as a result.

Darren Farnden, Marketing Manager

Darren Farnden, Marketing Manager

The ‘digital divide’ is a term we first heard many years ago when concern started to rise that poorer individuals and communities could be left floundering on the edges of the information superhighway while the rest of us raced ahead.

It has not been heard as much of late but there is now a very real danger that parts of the UK and Europe – and indeed the entire continent – could be left behind in the race towards a more connected world.

Broadband in Europe has been a phenomenal success. In the UK alone, broadband now accounts for 83% of Internet connections.

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