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Will ENUM deliver?

Posted on Mar 17 2009 by Darren Farnden | Comments Off on Will ENUM deliver?
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ENUM (E.164 NUmber Mapping) is a technology that has been around for a little while that has promised much and, so far, delivered little to the average user. As Nominet has recently been awarded the contract to administer the UK delegation I thought it was time that I put my thoughts on this subject down in writing.

Jon Farmer, Voice Technical Lead

Jon Farmer, Voice Technical Lead

I’m going to cover the potential of ENUM in the telecoms industry and what it could mean to you, along with how it is currently being used and what potential security issues surround ENUM.

Lets get started with a short primer. ENUM is a way of storing & supplying information about an entity using DNS like storage and retrieval. DNS is the technology that allows domain names to be used for things such as web site and email addresses. For now, consider ENUM to be a way to catalogue and retrieve potentially dynamic properties attached to a single ‘number’ or URL.

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